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  1. K so I've got 3 outdoor plants already, and I bought a bag of soil which was $25, and barly enough for the 3 plants.

    I just invested in 8 more seeds and I was wundering, if I couldn go search for some soil full of nutrition and stuff, dig it and turn it and then just plant them in the ground?

    Or is it really worth like, $50 for more soil. Which $50 would take forever for me to get, since I don't have a job, and I sit at home and smoke pot bumming money of my mom.

    There some nice skunk cabbage growing, and the soil around them might be nutritious.

    Think I might just go plant them along the river with the skunk cabbage and they'd get water by themselves and stuff.

    What should I look for? Ph level of 7... Soil that holds moisture... What plants would grow in the right conditions?

  2. I use a peat based soil that has horse shit in it, with some sand added to help drainage. Costs me €4 for a 50 litre bag. Works well for me.
    You have to make the best of what you can get.

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