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  1. i bought some perfect mix from walmart is it good mix or what?
  2. does it have white balls in it ?
  3. You dont want to use soil that releases plant foods.Pretty sure that soil has a fast and slow release.SO get new soil.

  4. you dont need new soil just dont wanna add any nutes n ONLY WATER WITH WATER ...... just buy a bag of perlite and 50/50 the "perfect mix" or even buy the cheapest sprawl-mart soil n 1/2 it with that .....

    common misconception is to not buy MIRACLE GROW or SHULTZ because it has nutes in it ..... this is even easier for us as we dont have to add ANYTHING but PURIFIED WATER ...... if you wanna add all these specialty nutes n stuff get some yard dirt n get to adding stuff n youll do just as well...:eek:
  5. so are u tellin me my soil suck?
  6. what if i have already add bat guano to it does that make a difference?
  7. just use it and figure out for urself... people stress too much if the stuff will work good or not when you can just try it out and maybe it will be good maybe it will be bad :/
  8. There's a lot of smoke blowing around here, and I don't mean reefer.

    Look, the fact is if the soil is pre-ferted it can burn the roots of a baby plant, which should not be fertilized for its first 3 weeks, and if you are using a HID light it can trigger slow-release ferts to dissolve quicker and over-fert. So....

    1) Doesn't sound like anyone here is specifically familiar with that soil, I'm not either, so all these "yes use it / no don't use it" comments are meaningless until you can get the bag it came in and tell us -- does it come with pre-fertilized? Does it say anything about added nutrients, etc? Does it have a NPK number on it (might look like 10-10-10 but with any possible numbers in between the dashes). That's what we need to know to give you a clear answer.

    2) What kind of light are you using? If fluoros there is less to worry about with pre-ferts, though it still can burn baby roots. If HPS or MH and the soil is pre-fertilized then I would advise switching out that soil or there is a high likelihood you will over-fert your plants.
  9. how much guano did you add and to how much soil

  10. add 1 1/2 ts to a 10 pound bag

  11. 10,8,6 is good or not so can go out and buy something else and its for outdoor growin should i just use it
  12. whatever should he do toastybiz??????
    thats alot of nitro....
    and it's for out door.....

    try it'll like it ...if you dont use whatever that pot god uses.....
  13. Hmmm...I had assumed indoor, I don't have much knowledge with outdoor grows (a lot of experience but not much knowledge, from my old days of not knowing what I was doing!). If no answer here I suggest posting in the outdoor grow forum.
  14. hmmm.... he told you right there it was soil made for outdoor growing....
    c'mon you have all the answers toastybiz ... since you are so certian there's so much misleading information going on here i'm curious to see W.W.W.T.D?

  15. Hey man.
    Don't give toasty a hard time. He is super helpful to people here on GC. As for the soil with ferts in it for outdoor use, it probably won't be as much of a problem when grown outdoors compared to growing inside. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.
  16. Hey, maybe I deserve a poke every now and then. Though the first reference to outdoor did come after my comments.

    Can you educate this old fart, what is WWWTD?
  17. i say dont be scared.
    grow n fail,n grow n get better, then grow with the best of us.
    trial n error are the roots to ANYTHING good. ithink this is why there are so many different methods/arguments/and expieriments on the subject .. because what works for others DON'T for others. i could grow with that soil all day everyday n get great grass, where someone who grows with strictly organic all day everyday might kill their crop n b puzzeled, i've got serious years of trial n error though, so dont worry n go with it if somthing bad arises change the last alteration on the next grow...:smoking: :smoking:

    i think it means What Would Toasty Do?

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