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  1. Right now I am using miracle grow and I heard from a few people that is causes droopiness, and my plant is lookin droopy so, If anyone could tell me what the best soil to use is I would appreciate it
  2. There is a ton of info on this topic already, please use the search function.

    Try this:
    40% general potting soil (do not use pre-fertilized soil, I like Scotts)
    30% sphagnum moss
    10% perlite
    20% worm castings

    For larger pots line the bottom first with 1/2" to 1" of rock or perlite to aid in drainage.
  3. Miricle Grow, Scotts and Shultz are all crap soil's because most of their lines have pre fertilizer in them already. If you can find those named soils without fert they still stink because drainage on all three are poor. Just get some generic potting soil without nutes added that comes mixed with peat moss, vermiculite and perlite already in it.

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