Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cornflake, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. I wasn't sure wether I should post this in sick plants or here, since this forum gets more traffic I figured I'd post here.

    My soil has been growing what looks to be mold. It's a white furry film over the top of the soil, it hasn't done anything to the plants yet. I've scooped it off twice and am planning on replanting the girls into some new soil with sterilized pots but it keeps coming back. Does anyone know what the cause might be? The plants themselves are in a small grow area with not so great ventilation but they don't have any heat problems. Is there any way I can fix this? I can't really ventilate any more than it is but I don't want to end up with moldy buds.
  2. Maybe over watering? How often do you water your plants?
  3. They only need watering twice a week, if that... I worry that they have underdeveloped root systems due to the fact that I transplanted them so late. I haven't watered them in 5 days and the soil is still somewhat damp, I think I need to check the drainage on them.
  4. yeah lack of drainage and moving air will contam your soil, sounds like some kinda trich, keep a close eye
  5. Make sure you have plently of peat in your new repotting for proper drainage.

    Best of luck to you...hope you find out how to stop this mold. :)
  6. Ive seen it before on houseplants!
    The mould grows usually only in the dark but it can grow in less intense light and if the air is still then it will thrive even more.So get some air moving in there and dont overwater ure plants and if ure on 12/12 water ure plants when the lights turn on so they will use up some of the water before it gets dark.If all that fails and its still there then get a fungicide/disinfectant and use a paper towel to dab it on to the mould itself but not the plant, apply for 1 or 2 days and it should be gone then give the room a rub down to kill any spores and clean the FAN!
    Hope that helps!
  7. I had that on one of my plants... I didn't think nothing of it, I posted a question but no one responded. It has recently left, and I havn't seen it since so I didn't care.
  8. I thought I had fixed the problem by putting in a fan, it did slow it down but I'm still having problems with drainage. How would I go about transplanting to the same sized pot? I don't want to damage the root system but it seems that I need to make a different soil mix so they have better drainage. I have a feeling the roots are going to be taking up most of the pot now, since they've gotten so big... this means I somehow need to get the roots out of the soil without damaging them.

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