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  1. I've been using organic kelloggs patio soil mix, lots of wood chips and bs..
    Anywho, I decided to check out the nursery across from me and was surprised the whole time across the street, they have good shit..
    What do you guys recommend?

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  2. I like Ocean Forest or Happy Frog for transplanting into larger pots in the beginning, but I use a special mix to plant in for the long haul. Similar to VermiFire. I am growing in 100 gallon smart pots so using either Ocean Forest or Happy Frog becomes a bit pricey to do the whole grow in. That would require .5 sq yards per pot of that soil. It's good soil though.
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  3. I honestly didn't look at the prices.. damn they have 100 gallon smart pots?? Sheesh.. so your saying I should mix these type of soils with a regular potting mix? Or can I use straight happy frog all in the 5 gallon smart pot?
  4. I'd recommend just the happy frog with around 16quarts of extra perlite added. Since you aren't doing a 100 gallon container it isn't going to be very costly... one bag of that happy frog with perlite will fill up probably at least 3-4 5 gal buckets

    Idk about your area but in mine happy frog is a good bit cheaper than ocean forest. I can get 3cu of happy frog for 20 bucks but only 2cu of ocean forest for 25 bucks

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  5. No I'm not saying mixing the two. Use either/or in whatever size pots you are going to transplant in. I wasn't inferring using 100 gal pots. It was just a FYI You can use either of those soils and just water for a month or so without using any nutrients.
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  6. 1 bag of Ocean Forest is 1.5 cubic feet. Equals about 9 1/2 gallons (U.S. dry)
    Where I live, it's $10.00 a bag. I find that Happy Frog can be a little hot for young plants.

    I use Kellogs Raised Bed mix and add coco, perlite and all the usual suspects. It works killer.

    Last outdoor grow I got 5 pounds off 1 plant in a 50 gallon raised bed.
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  7. Sure ya don't got that backward? happy frog is the lighter mix of the two... ocean forest is the one that generally has the rep of being to hot.

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  8. I've never had an issue with Happy Frog. I plant young clones directly into it and never had a problem. I suppose your mileage may vary.
  9. Oh yeah I'm not saying he's lying or anything I was just askin to make sure he didn't get the two mixed up as it's usually the other way around but yes as you said everyone has their own preferences...

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  10. No worries. Mr Fooey has some good resources. I am not questioning him.
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  11. Maybe I'm mixing it up with VermiFire. Probably. I work for a hydro shop and get free stuff/samples, so it's very possible I am mistaken.
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  12. You can add coco to soil? Does coco have a NPK ratio?
  13. Yeah I've read that Happy Frog is more neutral in terms of nutes and that ocean force is more hot
  14. I have used ocean forest without any issues. I paid 20.00 for the big bag but found it is far, far cheaper to mix my own.... about 75.00 per 1000 pounds...
  15. Coco is an inert medium. It has no nutrient value. It's used for it's water holding capacity. The perlite helps with aeration.
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  16. Vermiculate is another amendment you can use.... water retention
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  17. Ok awesome, thank you for that, so you can never have enough perlite then?
  18. If you use too much perlite it floats to the top of your soil. I go with 1/3 compost/Kellogs, 1/3 coco, 1/3 perlite. Amend with worm castings, rock dust, kelp meal, alfalfa meal etc. Whatever is available and I can afford at the time. I take a pretty lax approach to making my soil. Other people stick to a very specific recipe.
  19. And them how much of all that other stuff do you use? Or does it depend on the amount of soil your preparing
  20. Look on YouTube for subcool supersoil. It's basis for amended garden soil. Like I said I just put a little of this 'n that. Kinda loosely follow his and a square foot garden recipe.
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