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  1. Alright guys here is what I got! I recently germinated my seeds and checked them and they were opened and ready to go! So I bought some starter mix for the seed until it's about a week old from sprout... Then I'll plant them into about a 3 gallon pot and then afterwards transfer them into there full growing pot. I recently made a thread in the absolute beginners forum but let me post here with a little bit better detail. The place I have for this grow is really hard to get to. Not because of people but of the terrain. Yes I can manage to get to it twice maybe 3 times a week. Now my question I really have is the soil. I have recently read about ffof and cuttin it down with happy frog with added perlite for drainage. I know that soil prolly doesn't have enough food for the plant to live on so should I feed it liquid nutes or should I add some egg shell, earthworm castings and a little bone meal in the soil and just water it with my adjust ph water? Any input on this would be great appreciated it. I feel like if I mix food in with my soil that'll keep me from hauling bottles of liquid feed into my fm grow area. Thanks again!

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  2. TN
    Skip dragging bagged soils into the woods for a guerilla grow.. Pointless.. Avoid bone and blood meals as they can draw diggers to your soil.. Worm castings, Alfalfa pellets, chicken manure and some perlite and use the local dirt.. It's an in ground grow no need to PH the water at all.. Anything will do from the garden hose to scummy pond water.. Soil with a high compost content is self regulating about water PH.. It would have to be really far off and the local area would be a barren site with nothing growing like a salt flat..
  3. Thansk for the info! I'll def prolly end up doing that. It would be a struggle to haul in soil but I figured it would do better in it. But if not this is the way I'm going to go!

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  4. Tn,
    One technique I use is to buy 5 gallon plastic pots with a grated bottoms sometimes sides and bottoms. I place the pot in a paper bag, biodegradable, and fill the pots with soil. I use happy frog potting soil and do not add perlite. An indoor mix of perlite makes your plants susceptible to being over. I carry 2 or 3 pots in my rucksack for each site. I place a starter plug with a seed in the center and plant the pots in the ground.

    A few things that help me are; the paper bags keep soil from spilling out in my ruck sack a d keep bugs out until they dissolve. The grated holes allow your roots to take into the natural soil once the plant gets big enough and keep out moles and other digging pests. My area is very wet but in dryer areas you can add soil moist sparingly to your pot soil. I also take out pre measured and cut small hole fencing or chicken wire that goes around the pot and stands about 18inches high in a brown or dark green color to keep out bunnies and deter wild pigs. I also take old socks and fill them with crystal coyote urine crystal. Make sure to get the socks dirty or at least do not use white socks. I drop a set near the pots and throw a few around the perimeter to keep away the nimals as well. It seems effective for about 90 days but depends on how much you use and the rain.

    I plant in 3 locations at a minimum. This helps me increase the chances of at least one site surviving rippers, nature, and police.

    I have a few more tricks but I always use a Garmin hiking GPS and Mark a certain distance away from my plots what we call attack point. Once you get there you know the direction and steps to take to find your grow.

    Sorry for jumbling this up and hopefully something may help you in the future.

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