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  1. Whats a good potting soil i can get at a home depot or lowes.......

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  2. Kelloggs Amend is pretty decent. They also carry HP pro mix but it needs amending.
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    Your soil is the basis for everything to come.. It's not a place to skimp by using low quality soil from a big box store.. Your in So Cal if I remember and I'd visit a few hydro stores as see what you can find a bag of Fox Farms Ocean Forest priced at .. I get mine local for 11 bucks a bag.. While I've mixed my own Organic soil with all my used FFOF I still tend to use it out of the bag on my very young clones as it's still a bit better then my amended mix is.. While FFOF works well for small amounts if your going for larger amounts then go with the Pro-mix as your base and work from ITGs easy soil mix thread..
    It's not rocket science so you can substitute and omit or change several items with little or no change in end results..
    Home Depot is my stop for some of my amendments.. perlite compost.. check listings as not all stores stock this..  worm casting.. not the best but not the worst by far either..
    alfalfa pellets I got from a discount pet food store.. rabbit food..
    Chicken manure from either big box store will work fine ..
    Mix, dampen, and let cook-cycle for a month or more..
    Just my 2 cents on soil.. happy growing BNW
  4. Patio Plus is even better.
  5. Yea that's the one I use as as base. I forgot that was also on the bag as part of the name.
  6. Wat nutrients. Do you yall suggest for soil growing.....

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  7. Is that what your using for your plants.....

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