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  1. Hey guys I'm looking for a good soil to do my next grow.
    We can't get fox farm here in Australia but have yates, brunnings and other brands.
    I just want a mix ready to go as I have horrible arthritis and can't be stuffed mixing soil's just wanna open a bag and dump it into pot's and stick my seedlings in so what soil or potting mixes should I look for

  2. I use what is called Promix its great
  3. would you know who the manufacturer is or what brand it is 
  4. Honestly dude I have the same problem, all this Aussie crap is full of bark and not a good quality soil IMO.
    What I did:
    Just went to Coles and bought 2x 10L bags of seedling starters (no bark and the soil contains traces of good nutrients) and used that for my grow, then I just added blood and bone and the grow is running smoothly.
  5. Yeah thats the problem with our soil here in OZ it's made for drought conditions for the plants that don't need a lot of nutrients from the soil.
    I'll try your trick I got some blood and bone from my mum she uses it all the time on her roses grouse thamks for the idea
  6. See if you can find some worm casting to go along with your blood and bone meal. Some worm castings will do your soil good. Just make sure you let the soil "cook" for at least 10 days after mixing it all up.
  7. I'm actually thinking of starting a worm farm for the water fertilizer that comes out at the bottom and also for the casting's for my soil good idea or not.
    Also I fish a lot so the worm's are a bonus
  8. Do a little research and list what you can get and if you can provide a link to it so we can see whats in it. Some seedlings can be sensitive to soils with a lot of organic nutes in it. Usualy seedling starter soils are pretty mild and fine to use. Seedlings don't need any nutes for the first 2 weeks or so after that they will need nutes whether from an organic soil or bottle.
  9. I'm using a fish based liquid fertilizer at the moment that you only need once a month also we have this stuff called seasol which is made from seaweed that's meant to be real good
  10. Yeah I am also using that, it's not really a fertilizer it's more of a tonic which helps with frost, major heat, transplanting etc.. Great product!

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