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  1. I've heard general hydroponics is really good. I've had good results with the humboldt nutrients base line of grow micro and bloom. On there site the have a general feeding chart which is quite useful for people new to growing. I'm still pretty unfamiliar with all the different nutes but all the guys at the hydro store swear by gh so I'll be switching after my next grow. Their decently priced too. I'm almost positive that all companies have a generalized feeding chart. Hope this helps somewhat.
  2. OK so I just ordered GH flora series. 1 qt of all 3. Should that be enuf for my 3 girls?
  3. Oh yeah! Where did tippy order from and how much did it cost?
  4. As soon as I get money I'll be getting that line too, but being unemployed limits me and I gotta use what I got now
  5. Through amazon. $35 and free shipping. Cheaper than anywhere else. U think that should be enough for my 3?
  6. I went ahead and got some fox farm organic soil also.
  7. Yeah more than enough for sure. And good choice with the soil. The only reason I switched to roots organic was cuz it drys out more thoroughly and works better for my situation, I like mixing the two. Now I wouldn't start those nutes until at least 3 weeks of being in the soil and have at least 3 set of leaves. That soil comes with nutes in it so when you do start only at 1/3 strength
  8. Yeah I figured as much. Do I still need to flush the soil though? And how do I know how much to use with soil. All the reviews say its great for hydro. Would I just use the same mixture as a hydro system?
  9. I wouldn't worry bout flushing the soil. My bottles had hydro instructions, just google that line of products with soil feeding chart and you will find one.and after a while you can tweak it to work best for each strain.
  10. Cool. I looked on their site and all it had was hydro feeding instructions for this line
  11. Well for example if it say 1ml per gal them put only 1ml per gal. And since your doing 3 plants chances are you will only mix about 1 gal when you feed. It should have seedling veg and flower so follow that.
  12. Just found this hope it helps...

    WEEKLY FEEDING SCHEDULE: Week 1 (rooted clones or 3 leaf-sets on seedlings) : 2.5 ml EACH Grow, Micro & Bloom Week 2: 5ml Grow + 2.5ml Micro + 2.5ml Bloom Week 3: 10ml Grow + 5ml Micro + 3ml Bloom Week 4 until 12/12 : 12ml Grow + 6ml Micro + 3ml Bloom Week 1 of 12/12 : 6ml Grow + 6mil Micro+10ml Bloom Week 2 of 12/12: 3ml Grow + 7ml Miccro + 12ml Bloom Week 3: 3ml Grow + 8ml Micro + 14ml Bloom Week 4: 3ml Grow + 8ml Micro + 16ml Bloom Week 5: 2..5 Grow + 7ml Micro + 18ml Bloom Week 6: NO GROW + 6ml Micro + 20ml Bloom USE UNTIL FLUSH! Flush 10-14 days before harvesting
  13. Fuck yeah. Sweet man. Idk wtf I'd do without this forum.
  14. I know! I first thought how hard could it be to grow a plant lol I wasted so much time and money! This forum is amazing so many great people helping everyone. There are some rude people but that's life ha ha whenever I have down time I scroll thru the forum and try to educate myself and I learn something new everytime I come on here lol
  15. Yeah me too man. Its crazy. There are more helpful ppl than rude ppl. Which is awesome. I don't feel bad ask in stupid ass
  16. I use a mix of fox farms ocean forest, happy frog and extra perlite. I barely use any veg nutes and I veg for 4-6 weeks, the soil has alot of good stuff in it. All of the soil from fox farms is pretty good.
  17. Sweet thanks man
  18. Very true! On my last grow I decided to push heavy nutes on my plants right are transplanting into fox farm and they loved it. Wouldn't try that again lol but yeah great soil for sure

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