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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TATtheHOOD, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I feel kinda dumb asking this...but I need to know the best soil I can get from wal mart. I'm about to start my first indoor grow using CFL's.
  2. I honestly would skip the walmart soil and go to your local hydro store and get either fox farm or roots organic, way better trust me. A good plant starts with good soil. Cheap out on soil and your plant will suffer. Its only 10-15$ a bag. What strain are you planning on growing?
  3. Its super queen. I'm only doin 3.
  4. And I know wall mart soil is not ideal. If I had any other choices I wouldn't be asking. With that being said are there some that are better than others at Wal Mart?
  5. Nice, I think you would really benefit from good soil. My first grow I got cheap soil from walmart and after that I started buying fox farm and recently switched to roots organics and I will not use anything else! Nice and airy the roots love it!
  6. Money isn't the issue. Its just convenience and the fact that I have a gift card for wal or even Lowes?
  7. Sorry didn't see this post first.... Just look at the ingredients try to find something light and airy. Maybe with some castings or guano in it.
  8. Yeah in my first grow I got cheap soil from walmart and home depot. I'm sure their are worse soils out there just try to get some perlite to mix in cuz that soil heavy. I did have some monster plants my first time but sadly never made it they flower :(
  9. OK. I actually have a bag or two of perlite. And would it help to flush the soil more than once with cheap soil?
  10. It wouldn't hurt, I am by no means an expert lol I'm on my 4th grow but I like to try and read everything that's related to what I'm doing ya know? What nutrients do you plan on using?
  11. You can take any bag of dirt and amend it to your liking, most of the cheap soils I've used compacted way too much for mj as-is. Whatever soil you choose, you can add wormcastings and perlite to improve it. I mix organic fertilizers into my soil as well, makes it real easy to grow healthy plants.

    Avoid miracle gro if you can, get organic choice potting mix if you can't.
  12. Cool. Thanks for the advice. I have no idea what nutes I'll use. Like I said I'm still %100 new at this.
  13. I got humboldt nutrients grow micro bloom, but I don't really care for them personally. After there gone I'm gonna switch to fox farm nutes or general hydroponics. Haven't decided yet ha ha. You gonna start a grow journal?

  14. What grabs your interest? The organic method works best for me. Here are some pics of my plants a week or two before harvest. The organic method requires a lot of planning ahead, but the reward is easy growing. :smoke:
  15. Well maybe u r the right person to enlighten me with everything I need to know as far as feeding goes.

  16. Knowing what you're going to feed them down the road should factor into what kind of medium you prepare for them now. I'm definitely not the right person to enlighten anybody but thanks anyway :rolleyes:
  17. That's cool. I'll just figure it out on my own and reading stuff on here.
  18. Yeah I'm sure I will start a journal. Is there a good place to order this stuff online?
  19. My wife is a bit of an ebay fanatic lol once you figure out what line of products best fit what you want check out ebay or amazon. I got my nutes for about a 1/4 what my local hydro store was charging.
  20. Nice. I just wanna do what's gonna be the easiest. Typical american I any advice on easy and thorough nutes?

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