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  1. I was just reading some previous posts and got to thinking...

    What kind of soil mixture do you soil growers recommend?

    I am currently using Miracle Gro potting soil mixed with peat moss, perlite, blood meal, and tomato ferts. My littl'uns are doing fine. They are nice and green and sturdy. They aren't any kind of special ordered seeds (just some I've kept from various bags I've bought over the last year), so I don't know what kind they are or anything. I've been waiting to post pics until I get the power cord for my digi cam, but I may have to just give in and get some batteries. Anyhow, I was just wondering about the soil question.

  2. wow! careful with all those ferts! miracle gro compost will be fine on it's own, there is no need to add any more ferts until the 4th week at least. In fact just use the miracle gro compost until you start the flowering cycle then add ferts for flowering.
    good luck
  3. Ok, will keep that in mind for my next batch. :)

  4. I wish you great chaos on your grow...

    if nothing else, have fun with it.

    Get some batteries for your cam... I like watching those young seedlings turn into giants over a period of's good therapy.

    take care.
  5. Fox farm ocean mix or just the potting soil from fox farm.....worm castings/bat guano/moss and soil.

    great stuff, has enuff nutes for 2 weeks or so, super growth too i have NL5 and i grew 2 inch's and on 2nd set of leaves in less than 1 week just on water and foxfarm potting soil.

    you can pick it up at hydroponic stores!
  6. worm castings? bat guano? moss? from the ocean? i think Im high.

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