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  1. Broke and need buds, I think it's working but would like some feedback, any comments are welcomed. I'm posting pics of the grow cycle of one fine lady of mine who seems to me to be flurishing. Six weeks from first sprouting she's just now showing signs of budding:hello:, I think. It's been a long time since I've grown but I think I can recognize it still. Using just plain potting soil, house plant fertilizer spikes and fluorescent tube lighting in a 6'x6'x10' grow room in my garage. Changed lighting to 12/12, 8 days ago. Funds are limited so as much as I want HPS lights I just cant do it right now. :eek:

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  2. Youre plants are stretching, move your lights closer to the top of the plants. no more than 6" away.
  3. Ok moved the lights closer, does that look like flowering stage? the names of the pic's have the dates in them, last two look like flowering to me.:confused_2:
  4. flowering doesnt start until you start it (12/12), UNLESS they are autos. dont get so anxious!
  5. Floro lights can be even closer than 6 inches, i keep mine around 2 or 3.

    If you've changed lighting to 12/12 already, im not sure what kind of yield your going to produce. How long was it in veg for?
  6. yeah, wow those are SO stretched for light! Check out Mainechronic's page, his might even be younger than yours, and his are bushy as hell (and no, don't give me that sativa/indica crap, your plants shouldn't be THAT tall with barely and veg) not trying to bust balls, just trying to help:)
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    Nice plants.

    You should definitely get a fan blowing a light breeze on them. If they do start budding they will have a less likely chance of falling over from the weight of the buds. Your stalks are very petite and the light breeze on them will help strengthen and thicken up the stems. You might also want to use something like bamboo sticks to give support to the main stems.

    Last two look like new growth to me.
  8. Wow ok thanks everyone for the feedback, I also thought they were too tall/skinny but my son who knows "everything" because he worked security at a despensery told me they were fine, so the closer light forces branching out instead of up? Should I put it in a corner with fluoros behind it-closer to the stalk itself? I have two others that are older but I think they're stretched too, though maybe not as much.

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    Get rid of the spikes and get at least 50 watts of light per square foot of growing space. Put the lights as close to the plants as possible. You can't have too much light but you can have too much heat. Make sure you have good ventilation. What is the color temperature of your lights? You want about 6500 kelvin to veg and about 2700 kelvin to flower. Those smaller plants can be repotted. Bury the stems up to the first set of leaves. Good Luck.
  10. Right now I have them in only about a quarter of my grow space which is about 9 square feet, I have 4x100w T12 "day light" fluorescent tube type bulbs now directly above them. I'm not exactly sure what the 6500/2700 numbers mean or where to find that information on the bulb/box, like I said it's been a really long time since I've done this please bear with me.:confused_2:
  11. Should I use a cool mist humidifier? How close to the plant should the fan be? damn now I just feel retarded :cry:

  12. Yeah I keep mine 2-4 inches away, just saying that anything over 6" is pointless.
  13. there is 6500k spectrum of lighting, which is a white/blue light emitted, and then theres 2700k spectrum, which is redish yellow sectrum (tryign to mimic the harvest sun)

    im 75% cure they do not make 2700k flourescent tubes. And from the looks of ur picture, your running a 6500k setup. The light is bright bright whitish blue correct? Not a darker redish/yellow color.

    you really want to change that if thats the case.

    what is the humidity level in your room? i would that that is unnecessary.

    depends on how powerful ur fan is ... i keep a 6" desk fan pointed straight at all 3 of my plants from an angle so it hits all of em
  14. Today I am setting up 2700k spectrum, fan, separate tented area for flowering plants, and possibly pH testing depending on prices. For the two plants I need 150+ actual watts not equivalent watts right? I will post more pics when I get it set up. Thanks again for the help.
  15. yes, actual watts.
  16. Bummed, both big plants are male....hoping little ones are female :(
  17. better luck next time I guess:cry:

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  18. bump, can anyone confirm male before I destroy please
  19. Break out the pink cigars!!!! It's a girl!!!!! 6 days under 12&12 2700k

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  20. Bump, plus a Q?
    My first attempt at germinating, two seeds in papertowel methood, light should be limited and temperature high yes? I have searched the forums but cant seem to find exactly what I am looking for.

    Germ in paper towel in a warm dark place, dark is easy enough but how warm? 85?
    thanks everyone

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