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  1. what is better why and im doing a micro grow but what are some advantages with hydro and whitch should i use and why
  2. Look up, third link from the right.

    Neither is "better" but one is prefered over the other depending on your desires and situation. Soil is an easy medium to try out for your first grow, as its simple, and has realtivly low over head and prework. Hydro takes some work to get set up, ull need to invest in good nutes($$$), a pH/ppm/eC stick($$$), build ($$) or buy ($$$$) a hydro set up. Hydro grows faster/more vigerously, but can have many problems that without a quick eye or experience can lead to serious problems. Soil still has these problems, but they take longer to present themselves, and are more forgiving on the recovery.

    First grow, go soil. and hit that search bar.
  3. ok but i mean for a micro grow shouldnt a set up a single hydro station cause im limited on space or should i stick to soil
  4. a hydro setup is generally going to be smaller than a soil setup because you can have a smaller hydro setup then say a big pot of soil. so to answer you question yes, hydro is better for micro grows because you can grow more plants in a smaller space. some hydro systems can be easier than soil, just do your reading.
  5. i did alotta reading but one of the reasons i posted was cause yesterday i saw some seedling in a hydro about 2-3 inches tall and they had so many branches they already had like 3 or 4 nodes and the had alotta side branching
  6. I think hydroponics will be too hard to manage on a small scale. If you have a reservoir that small (say, 2 gallons? How micro?) you're going to have incredible pH fluctuations.

    I'd stick with dirt for small operations. Just my .02
  7. The first grow I did was in a hydro set up, DWC buckets. The second grow I did was in soil. I have to admit that I had much better results on my first grow using the hydro then I did on my second grow using soil. Maybe that is because I was used to the hydro by then and switched to soil, I dont know. I had all kids of problems in soil, BUGS etc. I thought that using hydro was pretty simple, not much to it.
  8. for nutes on dwc if i used fox farms hydropinic mix fox farms grow big fox farms big bloom would that work on a dwc like id proboly buy 2 tho mabye 3 depends or can you recomend nutes

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