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soil turning white ???

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by _linux_, May 8, 2009.

  1. ok today i looked at my plant and the soil is sorta turning white can someone explain to me how to make this stop i hear it is salt should i just take the white soil out the plants are about 1 and a half old there are 2 that have the white soil problem there under 2 cfls today my 400 watt mh and hps are coming so what can i do should i get distilled water for a couple of weeks or what been using tap thats been filtered twice 1 from the tap then through a britta filter :( using mirical grow soil plants them self look great though so plz tell me how to get rid of it ty
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    hi :hello:

    If its crystalline - its proly to much salt - comes from your fertilizer.
    Since the soil will act as a buffer - plants will start to suffer in days - oposite to hydroponics.
    Where its usefull to have a conductivity meter to mesure the fertilizer.
    Just scrab it off - and flush your plants soil in your shower.
    If tho its mold - an image realy would help to determine - u better look at the humidity level - and have a little fan blowing at it.
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    ok well right now i went and looked at it i think it is salt and i dont under stand how to flush you want me to take the plant out and wash the soil? i may get some different soil since this has timed furts :( should i go steal the orgainc soil that my neibor has its like compost would that be better? the plant it growing faster then the others to and it has the most white soil give me min to post a video to show you i also used this soil with out anything added :( http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=43529-446-85252300&lpage=none
  4. here is the video [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGBDVJgKavk]YouTube - white soil help :([/ame]
    plz look at it
  5. hi :wave:

    It realy hard to tell - it almos tlooks like mold.
    I would scrape it of and leave it that way.
    keep in mind not to water the plants to much.
    And no at that point - dont use any fan.
    They are small not need for any fertilizer anyway.
    With the watering u have to wait untill the soil surface get a little bit dry.
    The roots are forces to grow - and thats what we want at that stage.
    So if the soil isnt that moist to begin with - roots will search for water and grow large.
    Sure dont let the soil dry out totaly - that would just kill the plants.
    So far your little fellows look healty - good work ;)
  6. ok i scraped it all off and watered it i will turn the fan off i put the cfl like 1 cm away and it grew 3 leaves over night lol was i am gonna use some distilled water for the next 2 weeks just to make sure its not salt when i watter it i give it two glasses of water is that to much? also thank you for responding

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  8. We can't really tell you how much to water, you will need to find that out yourself. Normally, I water my plants until water drips from the bottom of the container. Don't water too much, and that fan was fine, just keep the temp checked. The fan will cause the plants to develop a strong stem because they're being blown around. Allow the soil to dry out about a inch deep (stick your finger gently into the soil to check) before watering again. I see you're using two plastic cups, make sure they have drainage holes in them to allow the excess water to drain to not cause root-rot.
    Happy growing
  9. I see the same kinda thing on my own soil. It is crystally so I presume it is salt build-up. I dunno why it's there though, I haven't overfed them and I water without nutes most of the time. Any ideas on getting rid of it? Should I flush the soil by putting a fuckton of water though it in the bath?

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