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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Corn-dog, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Is it possible to Veg my plants in soil and than move them to a hydroponic system to flower. The reason being is i don't have enough power to be runing another hydro pump, and i am trying to do a prepetual harvest, so the plants have to be seperated so that the roots don't get entangled. If its not possible to go from soil to hydro would i be able to have some sort of SWC for the veg and than move them to the DWC for the flower. My veg chamber isn't very big, so it has to be small in size. Please give me some ideas on how i could acomplish this. Thanks in advance for the good ideas. Also if it is possible to go from soil to hydro, let me know the process to do this, or if you have i link that gives a how to that would be great. (i've searched the forums, and looked through the overgrow FAQ and haven't found the info i'm looking for)
  2. Going from soil to hydro is going to shock the shit outta your plants (and probally kill them). Imagine if you went from living on ground to in water, you wouldn't like it. :)

    Anyways search for "aerocloners" and that'll probally be your best bet. You can root an insane amount of clones in a very small space. And who says you need veg time?, I didn't cause you don't. You can always jump straight to flower (and a lot of people do) that'll give you some nice little budsickles.
  3. HIGH All, congrats on your 420th post it wouldn't be's best to start them O.F.F.F. in Hydro...imagine trying to take All that soil to come O.F.F.F. the roots.

    I have a thread where it shows me taking clones from a Soilless mix and going into Bubble Buckets. Here it is.

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