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Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by 967, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I transplanted a few of my girls from soil to 50/50 coco and perlite.. I did this by removing damn near all of the old soil from around the roots and dipping in water aswell. I did this cos i wasn't sure how the ph difference between soil and coco would affect them. I tried to spread the roots out as much as i could while setting them in coco

    Anyway just wondering is this a good thing? Plants don't seem to mind it at all so far. Get maybe a couple of hours of curled up leaves then they come right again. In fact the white widow i transplanted was in a 10 litre bucket about a foot tall and quite bushy. As it had fairly well developed roots i decided to cut them in half, put her in coco, fed ph adjusted water with a few drops of superthrive and i swear it grew an inch that night (possibly due to lack of water before transplanting?)

    Yeah point of my post is shit seemed to go waaay too smooth. I want to get the rest into coco but im not sure if i will run into problems further on.. root rot or something from roots being stuck together?

    Is it wise to cut the roots in half? Only reason i did it with that one is they were a lot more established than the rest. But then roots are easier to position if i cut them in half first

    Should i go ahead and plant the rest in coco or leave it another week to see what happens with the current 3? I'd hate for all my plants to die in 3 weeks time because of something im doing/have done wrong now..
  2. Nah, they will be fine. Usually the first 72 hrs. are gonna be the worse time for them. If they look ok, just keep that pHed water coming and they should be fine. Coco is way forgiving so don't sweat it.
    Chopping the roots some shouldn't hurt and if done right can encourage new growth quicker.

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