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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jonster, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. i mished out in the forest close to a water source, and theres grass ground vegetation with dark humus-rich soil 1-2 ft deep with PH 6.5. moist gray clay is found 2-3 ft preceeding the water table at 3 ft. my holes have been dug 2-3 ft deep and 2 ft wide. i know clay is a problem as well as the close water table, in my case these thing's are combined which quadroopls the problem, so i've decided to grow on mounds. i've bought some sunshine soil mixed with fertilizer that is time-release (probly a bad choice) that i'm planning on using as my mound and keeping the humus rich soil underneath. not that it matters but im growing clones.
    -what are good techniques to keep the mounds intact and not crumble? i was thinking about getting plastic potting containers, the same width as the holes i've dug and about 6-8 inches heighth, cutting out the bottom and placing it over the holes filling with soil. are my holes and these containers large enough? because i know marijuana roots grow horizontal as wide as 4 ft and close to the surface.
    -will the roots penetrate the clay and if not will it get stressed?
    -is the water table going to be a problem?
    -Is it smart to have potting soil as the mound so my clones can develop strong, healthy roots and not get stressed out once the roots reach deeper down into the natural soil and clay where its harder to penetrate?

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