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  1. I've been growing for almost 10 years. But I look at it this way. Since I got started with organics. Its like I'm  how to grow all over again. Forget the synthetic mindset. Haha. Couldn't be happier. Thanks to everyone in the organic growing section for introducing me to greatness.. ;-)
    Now for my question:
    I have a soil mixture I've been working on. But when the soil dries out a bit loses its structure. The soil doesn't like to stick together. And provides a terrible anchor for the roots. Any Idea what im missing here?
    Base looks like this:
    Coco Coir ~ 30%
    pumice/perlite ~ 30%
    Recycled organic soil ~ 20%
    Ewc/compost ~ 20% 
    Also, Various mineral rock, seed meals and other amendments. Available upon request.
    One more question.
    How does everyone determine the best ratios of amendments like Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Crab meal, Rock phosphate, mineral rock... ect??
    Thanks for your help ahead of time everyone.

  2. Where did you source your compost and castings? A lack of soil life could be related to the lack of aggregate in the soil.

    I suggest you jump ahead and start reading things like the Soil Food Web Primer I have in my free book thread.

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  3. I believe the ewc are mega worm castings. And i used blues biodynamic something or other compost. Wondering if i should add more ewc/compost.
    Thanks microbes n me. ill check that book out.
  4. Mine suffered until I added a bit more humus and rock dust; just my 2c.
  5. Cool. Thanks for the tips. I added more EWC and doubled up on the rock dust. I'll see how this works and share my results with everyone.

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