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  1. I need help, as a beginner.. What kinda soil should i use? Do i need to mix stuff together myself? Please need advice! I want it to be 100% organic

  2. yeah, it could be a good idea to find a pre-made soil from some one who has been doing it a while. You will see soil organisms like redworms abundantly there. Then add a bit of this and that (dry organic fertilizer, minerals, carbonized rice hull's, etc) and it should be good. Have you looked at the popular thread's in the organic section of the grasscity (or other) forum?
  3. Try this:
    4 parts 100% organic potting soil
    3 parts sphagnum moss
    2 parts worm castings
    1 part clean sand
    1 or more parts perlite
    Make sure all ingredients have zero added nutes.
    Innoculate with myco.

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