Soil recipe from Organic Community Garden.

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  1. I work at this nursery that is all organic. It is volunteer based and the people who run it are master gardeners and they developed this soil recipe that can grow anything from seed up until you transplant. You do not need to add anything too it in the way of nutrients unless your final destination is a pot. While I do not know how it will work for Cannabis, I have seen them grow tomatoes with record speed and I know because I planted some tomatoes in a store soil potting mix and they are nowhere near as healthy as theirs. Also the ingredients are very similar to some of the soil recipes I have seen on here but not quite the same. Also you do not need to be exact with the recipe if you don't have an exact ingredient you can switch it with similar ingredients. This is straight out of the recipe they have in a binder at the soil mixing room.

    Organic All-Purpose Potting mix:
    -1/2 gallon Compost
    -1/3 gallon coir or 1 brick of coir
    -1 gallon perlite
    -1/2 gallon vermiculite
    -1 1/2 cup bone meal
    -1 1/2 cup crab meal

    When you transplant into your final destination here is a amendment recipe to add to the above mix to give you the final boost of nutrients you need but you do not need to add it if you are following a transplant regiment.
    -4 parts Alfalfa Meal
    -1 part lime
    -1 part bone meal
    -1 part kelp meal

    This fertilizer can be spread on plots or added into your final soil mix.

    So that is it. I thought I would share it with you guys even though there are a lot of soil mixes out there. Also the ingredients are fluid so if you don't have coir you can use peat(just make sure you add lime) and if you don't have perlite you can use all pumice or vermiculite etc. You can even leave stuff out and it still kicks ass. The secret and one thing you cannot skimp on in this is the compost/humus. You have to have good quality compost and everything else falls in line if you have it.

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