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  1. i have 5 nirvana northern lights seeds that i germinated and put into my soil yesterday, but i bought scotts pemium potting soil and on the bag it says

    Continuous feeding for up to 4 months.

    Fertilizer Analysis

    .07 - .01 - .03

    i heard it was bad to use time-release nutrient soil, but should it be ok anyway?

    i also have some liquid nutrients (10-15-10) and i also want to know when i should start adding that
  2. what problems can happen if i keep using this soil?
  3. Time release sucks.....just water with plain water and you should be fine, but I would change soil when you transplant.
  4. thanks a bunch
  5. how long can i keep my plants in those red party cups or how big can they get before i move them to a bigger pot?
  6. After they sprout I would say 7-14 days until transplanting, it really depends on the plants root growth speed, when your plants have 3 sets of leaves they should be ready to transplant.

    I usually use red party cups with the bottom cut out and placed inside a clear party cup so I can see when the roots have reached the bottom.

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