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  1. Planning on my first grow and I have a question about soil. So here is the question. If I get good organic soil like this one would I need to get extra nutes to add as I water them? Another question I have is would a miraclegro soil work? I know it's not as good but would it be able to support a plant? Also if I do go with the miraclegro would I need extra nutes? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    first off miracle grow will work and support a plant.....i had one plant in a pot of MG just feeding it water for months and it just kept getting bigger......if you do use miracle grow i highly suggest mixing PERLITE into your holds air and water both good of far as organic is not nessecary to add other nutes, but it depends how fast u want your plant to grow.....??and if ur using organic soil you might want to find organic nutes......

    i'd just try the MG soil with some perlite.....water once or twice a week...depending....and if that works for ya, next grow splurge and go buy some nutes for your soil and budding nutes for a nicer crop.......get a little more advanced each grow......

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