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  1. Starting a new grow , would like to be water only. At least for the most part. Thinking of mixing two bags ocean forest with one bag happy frog and adding lime.
    The store around here sells a gnarly compost tea the owner homebrews, ill be using that if they look rough
    What other amendments will I need for the plant to be healthy for a ten week period?
    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read my ramblings lol
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  2. 1 bag of ocean forest to 25% perlite

    should do you well

    top up with the guys tea

    but only if you must

    good luck
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  3. Quality worm castings are priceless IMO. They make an avg soil much better..
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  4. So I have thought about that, but ive also read that it will make the soil hotter so to speak. Idk anything about all that, just what ive read lol.

    How much would you add per bag?

    Still have a couple weeks before planting, just trying to put together something "water only"
  5. You could grow in straight worm castings without burning your plants no worries about making your soil to hot i promise, I add 1/4 castings to my mix, things go so much easier with them...
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  6. How bout 1 bag of and One bag of hf ,1/4 worm castings and 1/4 perlite ??

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  7. Good for 1.5 months veg and bloom ?

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  8. Exactly what i used my very first indoor grow, I did encounter some mag/phosphate issues 3rd week of flower BUT i had inferior castings and vegged 3 weeks longer then i should have in #5 planters, no reason it will not carry you 5 weeks, these days i use malted barley, fulvic acid, coconut and aloe vera tea first week of veg it really kick starts your soil then once the growth starts to explode a dose of silica, within 24hrs plants go crazy.,, but you do not need to add all that to get healthy plants..,
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  9. if you want to do it right you need to follow a recipe to make your soil. mixing two bags of premade from the store isnt going to cut it.
    if you want a great recipe that many of us here use check out the no-till thread.
    No-Till Gardening: Revisited
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  10. Agreed. I just dont have the time to this round before my rotation happens, so im stuck with premades for at least one more. Thanks for the link bud.
  11. Im interested in the brew you local guy sells. Is it ready on a specific day of the week or can you collect a bucket any day you want?

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