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  1. Another question about soil or grow mediums...I have a understand ing that any soil with "time release" can cause harm to the girls..but there is a new soil at Wally world I found today and I'd like to ask if it would be acceptable. It's by MG called nature's organic care. Suppose to have natural ferts. Make along story short the fox farm soil that I did order will not be making it and my seeds will be germinated here soon and I need a good medium now. Thanks guys.

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  2. Bad kitty Smiles is doing a test with MG's new soil I do believe, but from looking at the bag myself, I wouldn't try it. Just the fact of there being time released ferts is a red flag for me. For the money I love Promix Ultimate organic sold at Home Depot. It's basically Fox Farm Ocean forest. No time release, been using it instead of FF for a few years now with no regrets. Good luck :love-m3j:
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  3. Yeah or u can always go organic just grab some spagnum peat moss and perlite from home Depot and some earth worm castings from your local farm store or craigslis r and a few amendments like alfalfa and kelp meal and you can reuse your soil ove r and over just a thought... in mY experience I've never had better result s with the least amount of work...just sayin

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  4. I made my soil from scratch once. It worked great and I put a lot of time into learning the craft but when I started to mix 20cuft....didn't realize what I was getting myself into. Holy crap my back was dead for weeks. Lol that and I had a pound of crab shell, alfalfa and the likes in my nose..haha good times. Now I just dump a bag out and use General Organics line. However ya do it, as long as ya end up with some frosty buds eh..:weed:
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  5. That's my limit. I keep 150 gal of soil in rotation for an 80 gal setup, so at least it's not all at once. 2 large 45 gal rubbermaids cooking at all times.
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  6. Ugh....:passing-joint: That's from my back to yours!! :biggrin:
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  7. You can use bag soil. Lots of people do. I would get a good all around potting mix and then do a 40/60% perlite/soil mix. Now if you start new seedlings out in it, there is a chance it might burn them a bit because of the slow release fertilizers that are almost all those soils. But unless their just horrible, the plant will overcome it and be fine. The biggest thing is getting the perlite added to it because you've got to excellent drainage for these plants to do well. Also, allowing them to dry out almost completely between watering with water in the correct pH range (6.3 to 6.7 soil). When you plant your seedlings into the soil, start them in Solo cups. They're lined to prevent any light penetration and are the perfect size to start one in. Water it in, put it under the light and leave it alone. It has to develop a root system and that will take it a little while. When that's done, you'll see the plant start to grow foliage and use water. It takes a few days and don't freak out because you think nothing's going on. You just can't see it under the soil. Don't throw a tiny seedling into a 5 gallon bucket and expect much to happen for DAYS... LOL Confining the root space just makes it take less time. Because of doing the plants like that, we use very little nutrients during the veg stage and I like that. I don't like the thought of dumping tons of chemicals into my plants. I quickly discovered that quality lighting is the key in both veg and flower. If you have good strong lighting, the plants will grow larger and produce more. Good luck. TWW
  8. OK so I found some plain soil with no additives like 3 bucks a cudic .75 could I mix it with perlite a 40/60 to soil. Then add nutes as directed.

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  9. Sure can, but I wouldn't go so heavy on perlite. 25% is plenty. Unless you want to run drain to waste and have to water everyday or two

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