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  1. I have some plants that are developing there shoots, what will become the tops, as far as growing out far enough to start training. One is not growing vertically as much. I found the soil quite wet, not to bad but wet, and compacted a bit. I used a skewer to poke/stir the soil where there was not root development. Then when the top 4" dried I "moistened" the top of soil, very little, as the bottom was still wet. Then i skewered the soil just a bit so that the soil was loose and moist. Will this help root development and over all growth?
    This was planted in a 3:1 mix of FFOF/happy frog (for the roots) w 35% Perlite and 10 % vermiculite with some of that Plant Success root food . I use Earth Juice micro nutrient, botanicare Pro Gro and Berry Sweet. I do not like molasses but plan on watering with it at least through the last two weeks of veg. Will this help the roots?:confused:

    Getting ready to train my plants. Is it more beneficial to train each brach on it's own and if so should I tie it to a stake with string or would it be easier on the plant to make a bamboo "hook" and put the branch through that? Can I make an effective "trellis" out of skewers and just run the branches through that? If I have to I will stake any of the tall, heavy kolas.:confused:

    Next run I plan on using coco and perlite to do a basic hydro set up. I have read that I should wet some of the mix, enough for some cups, with a 1/4 dose of nutes for the seedling at about 6.0-6.2 pH. I can buy this. Then to transplant into final containers. Is it best to general just follow the guidelines on the nutes bottle?
    I understand the idea of ramping up nutes from that point also the idea of giving it a splash a couple times a day.
    It also said something about epsom salts. Why? I thought salts were bad.:confused:

    From attitude I have had hit and miss luck but have just picked at random. Next time I plan on going barney's farm, Reserva Privada, Dna and serious seeds for the White Russian. Are these as good a brands as the hype? i know greenhouse sucks.:confused:
    :hello:Thanks everyone

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