Soil Problem, Need an answer fast pls

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  1. So today I was gonna buy some soil to grow but I had a problem with my moto so I couldn't go get it, my seeds are already being germinated, since the place where I'm gonna buy the soil is far from my house there's absolutly no way I can bring it home by foot and I have no one that I trust to go get the soil, in the mean time while I don't get the soil can't I use some soil that I have in my house that I use to grow veggies? It's just gonna be while my moto is getting fixed.
  2. use what you have if its your only choice. word to the wise, assemble all your gear before you set things in motion to avoid unforseen problems.
  3. Yeah, that was a little stupid of me but I never thought that my almost moto would give me a problem in such a time, i'm just gonna need soil for the inicial pot, when i get the soil is there a way to change the soil in the pot for the new one?
  4. not a good idea, just transplant to larger container when time. rinse the soil you have really well to leach it out before you put the seedlings in it and hope for the best. good luck!
  5. Will do, thanks for the help man.
  6. yes you can use garden soil (if it has no nutes, it should be old, cause soil with nutes fresh from the bag will burn seedlings). I'd place them in small cups (1/2 solo cup or yoghurt cup). Don't forget 1/3 perlite (or rice hulls, lava chips or vermiculite) for airing out. They'll be fine with very little nutes for the first weeks (add 10% compost or castings if you got it). A big pot with a small seedling is no good (hard to water correctly and space won't fill up so evenly as with a small cup). Shift from small cup after 7-10 days, depending on sun they get (it'll fill in more or less fast) to a solo cup (or 1/2 gallon pot or final hole)
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  7. Ok thanks man, I'll start them in yougurt cups then, they're still germinating in wet paper towels for now.
  8. sure no pb, make a hole at the bottom for drainage
  9. I've bought a few pots that the diameter at the top is 5,90 inches and about the same height. Can I use them or is it better to use a yogurt cup?
  10. a bit smaller is better then move up to the 6 inch ones so they fill up well but you can skip the smaller ones too and start directly in the ones you bought
    as long as the mix is airy, the transplant will go well if you start with the smaller ones
  11. Just one more question, I have my pots on a certain angle, it's like 15 degrees, can that affect the plant?
  12. geotropism will cause them to grow straight up, even if your pots were laying on their side.:wave::smoke::D
  13. Oh thanks, I just hope my babies are strong enough for that soil, when it is wet it's like rock, oh well, nothing I can do now, only on the next transplantion.:rolleyes:

  14. I think there is a lot more to it than this.. Ive grown a batch of plants on their side but with the light above in a very secret indoor grow. They do quite funny things.. but I rolled them in a circle so they grew like curly fries :p
  15. Dude if your soil gets hard when its dryed up I doubt the little babies will grow in it ...

    Just pick up some peat moss /perlite solution its very cheap ... well since u planted them

    you planted them you should wait and see ... maybe keep em germing till the food leavees pop out thats what I did... leave them indoors for a couple of days then take them outside ...
  16. They are outside on the shade, I know that the soil is shit but there was nothing I could do, I either used some shitty soil or the root would get like 5 cms out of the seed and I would fuck it up, I still have one seed germinating in paper towels though.
  17. don't know why you would do that. most people are content to let nature take its course:confused:
  18. No electricity still this sucks. I know it's going to happen again, just not sure if there is anyway to give my plants a shot. The seeds are germinating

  19. dude i also posted in your thread.. leave them germinating in the tissue for awhile let the food leaves develop... thats as long as you have before they
    will start to need light ... Good luck bro:(

  20. From exp i can say keeping the seed in germination till food leaves appear will work out just fine when you plant just make sure to go in deep.. cotyledon leaves should be rested on top of the soil.. i did that plants still took off..;)

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