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Soil potting question / transplant

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by zongRippa, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Ok i have a quik question regarding pot sizes and the amount of room i have to work with.

    i am worried that if i start my plants in 5gal pots, i wont have enough room in my grow box to grow enough plants to get a good female / male ratio in the end.

    My growbox supports up to 8 5gallon pots total.

    My plans were to germinate the seeds and start them in the 5gal pots, but recently it crossed my mind that if i used smaller pots i could fit more of them in there under my 400w light..

    the more plants the more chances i will have atliest 8 females for flowering.

    Do you think i should grow 8 plants in the 5 gallon pots

    Or get get smaller pots and grow them in there untill i find out what sex they are and transplant the females into the 5 gallon pots.

    Just some confusion... anyone that could help plzzzz do.
    any other info u are curious about / need to kno i will gladly give out.
  2. I would do the smaller pots and then transplant them. Then I would clone them so the next time I could just grow with out transplanting them

  3. Thats actually what i planned on doing as far as the cloning part goes, im either gunna keep a mother plant and use that to clone or just make a clone box and be able to put them under light untill they are ready for my veg/flower box..

    So whaddya say 2gal pots or something?
  4. this is what i do... you need to restrict the roots somewhat for optimal growth.

    start seeds in paper towels...

    start soil
    plant seeds in 16 oz party cups...

    2 weeks
    plants move into 1 gallon containers

    4 weeks
    It's time for the 3 gallon homes they will finish in.
  5. I should be str8 man, if i have to im gunna cut tops of 1gal milk jugs off and use them for a while but i dont even want to have to fuck wit transplanting. i mite just grow start to finish in my 5gal pots. I rlly dont see any harm, it isnt like i have a 1000 watt light trying to grow 10+ plants. i just wanted a good 8 to be able to start so i can have atliest 4 females at the end of this...
  6. ps i love your avatar grrower. bubbles as the green man or osmethin like that haha. gutta love the trailer park boys..
  7. You'd be better off stepping up your container size. There is a reason for transplanting and stepping up as your plant grows.

    If you start out in 5 gallon buckets, your plant will grow straight down to the bottom of the container from day 1.

    a plant can still be rootbound in a 5 gallon bucket. once the roots hit the bottom of a container it starts to fill in with roots and get rootbound.

    if you start in a small container your roots go down then start to fill in around the sides of the container. you're not making the plant rootbound but creating a starting base for those roots to expand in all directions once it's transplanted.

    you can get through an entire grow transplanting only twice. It will be better for your plants in the long run.

    Green Bastard representin'

    I've heard mixed reviews on those cups. I hear that they end up restricting root growth as they are harder than the surrounding soil and roots have a hard time breaking through the cups.

    Granted, I dont have any first hand experience with them.
  8. so grower. say i use

    dixie cups / plastic cups for rite after germ.
    (Any idea when to transplant) - optimum time.

    3gal untill i decide to sex it.

    Kill males and put fems into 5gals?

    Hows that sound?

    Im a first time grower with quite a bit of knowledge. just little things like this i dont kno as well as i should. Im very very appreciative to any help from others that have made the same mistake before and could save me some heartache haha, thanks again grower.

    any help u can give id use i promise you, just make sure its fact ;)

    thanks again brotha.
  9. How long you gonna veg your plants total zongRippa? If you're going with 5+ weeks, you can usually get pre-flowers by then to help out with sexing. I'd start off in party cups, then up-pot to 2 or 3 gallon pots after 2 weeks. Let'em veg out 'til week 5 and pre-flowers come in to show sex, cut the males, transplant the females to 5 gal., then on to flowering.

    I actually like to transplant. It makes me feel 'involved' more, instead of just staring at the plants lol! It's not that hard and your plants will really shoot up in their new homes. GL!
  10. i appreciate the help out john. i was planning on vegging till desired height of plant which i was thinkin around 2 1/2 feet maybe more. mite bush it out toppin n lst.

    I just recently heard about getting root bound, tho its never happend to any of my friends i wanted to kno everything i could about it just incase.

    I think im going to get some little 2 gal pots or 3 gal pots soon.

    if they are a tiny bit smaller than my 5gal pots then ill prolly just go

    dixie cups to 5gal n play my cards...

    Ps. i am germing my seeds.

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