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  1. FYI

    I've read some posts lately about how do I tell soil pH. Here is how you determine the pH if you already have a pH meter. I got this from the USEPA manual on test methods, i think it was SW846 regs but that doesn't matter.

    Take 100 grams of soil (about equal to scoop of ice cream) and place in a container, jar etc...
    Add 100 milliliters of distilled water
    Shake,stir, agitate etc for 5 minutes
    Let settle for one hour (or less depending on the amount of setteable solids - clay)
    Stick the pH probe in and read the pH

    The actual test method says 20grams/20 mils but that's not enough fluid to get the probe. Make sure you have equal grams to mils and the ph will turn out the same.

    Hope this helps! BPP
  2. Why don't u just use universal indicator?

  3. What's that?

    I also wanted a method so I could use my existing pH from the hydro tech

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