Soil ph wont go down?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Orros, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. <blockquote class="">Hey everyone!
    \tQuick question here...

    \tI Transplanted my almost 2 month old plant from a 2-3 gal to a 5 gal.
    \tYesterday, I flushed it maybe 3-5 times in 3 hours of time with ph'd water at 5.5-6.0, and the runoff still comes out at 7.0-7.1!

    \tIt was 1:30 am and I said fuck it I'm too tired to go on...

    \tI'm using Promix soil with perlite, added a tablespoon of epsom salt and calcium in the mix...

    \tI didn't had problem with my other pots, and of course I understand that since the pot is bigger it needs more water, but I litteraly flushed it for 3 hours, with not a single drop of the ph runoff.

    \tSo what should I do? Just keep watering and feeding next time with adjusted ph to 6? Or should I try and flush again until the runoff of the soil gets to 6.5?</blockquote>

  2. chill! never can get a decent read in soil, as its soil and you are trying to read the amount of hydrogen in it! ..dumb
    leave that to the dwc guys, now that you have depleted a volume of nute from the soil...stay sharp and consider organic teas later
  3. Alright thanks

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