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  1. Has anyone ever used one of these testers?? I just picked one up today for 11$ and think I got ripped off! I cannot get it to read my soil ph! I haven't tried it on the other settings yet because I didn't buy it for that.
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  2. Bought a digital one and returned it. Just pH the run off.
  3. Well I tested the other 2 setting and they work so I went to pet store to get a water test kit and my ph is threw the roof!! Going to buy some ro water tomorrow

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  4. I use the same type and it seems to give a general idea of how the ph is. Maybe you got a defective one?
  5. I've never found it to be too accurate for the pH, but I do use it to try to maximize the coverage of my light and as a moisture meter in bigger pots.
  6. Also, make sure that you are looking at the pH scale on the bottom of the sensor. At first I thought mine wasn't moving until I noticed the numbers on the bottom.
  7. You don't mention the type of soil. If it's manufactured I wouldn't worry about the pH, they're already adjusted for plant growth... Just make sure you pH the water you use.
  8. Can u use a pH soil tester to test water before feeding?

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  9. If you want the most inaccurate test possible. Go to the store and get a bottle of pH tester liquid, works just fine. It should look like piss for Hydro, and slightly greener piss for soil (usually).

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