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  1. I purchased 200 gallons of soil from a nursery, drove it home and scooped out about 60 gallons with 3-gallon buckets. I then soaked the buckets down with hose water. Before planting anything I checked the PH and got 6.8-7 from each bucket.

    I recently went to move the females into 10-gallon pots, and after hydrating to soil with purified, PH neutral water, the soil's PH tested at 3. I've added lime and PH UP and I've gotten the PH up to anywhere from 5 to 6 (4 separate pots), but what the hell happened to my soil? The shit has seriously just been sitting in containers in my garage.

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  2. What type of soil? Is it peat based? Peat moss is brutally acidic, they might have adjusted the ph with something that wasn't stable...
  3. The soil test results states that the PH of the soil is 6.9. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416132100.045738.jpg

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  5. Bring a sample of the soil back, ask them to test it and when they get the same result demand a refund. Not much else I can think of....
  6. "Along with absent lime" does that mean no lime!??? Maybe try some lime

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  7. Either the soil is well dodgy or you accidentally grabbed lemon juice instead of water.....
    I'm guessing you didn't, so the soil is dodgy...might not be an option to take it back at this stage, but I would certainly tell them you aren't impressed. 
    If all else fails, maybe use the hose to run endless water through until the ph is closer to necessary....a lot of the beneficial additives will probably be flushed out, but at least you will have better control of your levels once the girls are planted. 
    Before you do any of this though, you sure your ph meter is functioning properly?, is it calibrated?....I only suggest this because I have had two Chinese ones tell me anything from 2.8 to 9.6 in the past lol. 
  8. I got it. I was up all night, but I got it. The soil was too wet. I spent hours mixing in dry soil and re-transplanting. HA! Worth it!

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