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  1. I've heard hyrdroponicaly growing increases THC content, but i was just wondering if anyone knows how much it differs if grown in soil. Would it still be some really good dank if i choose soil?? Lets say im using northern lights strain growing indoors with soil.. it would still be some pretty high quality shit right?:smoking:
  2. Imo it depends how you grow it(temp,lights,nutes...ect) You can get high quality bud and a high yeild either way if you know what your doing.
  3. I think hydro grows a little faster but soil is easier to maintain. my opinion
  4. Hydro = faster........ its very true ive expeirienced it. And i think its alot easier to maintain than soil. Soil is messy, soil is heavy, soil is DIRTY!!! I grew out my NL in soil for awhile, and the bottom line is this. The water is not always available when the plant wants it, the roots tend to require bigger pots than in hydro,(not to mention messy transplanting) And you have to mix ferts all the damn time! ( Soil particles take up space in the cotnainer, with hydro its just rooots and water, you can get a bigger root mass with hydro ) Also when your flushing your plants at the end of the grow, in a soil grow you must stop fertilizing a couple weeks before harvest to flush all the fertilizer particles out of the soil, this takes many waterings.

    As for quality, it doesnt matter, your going to have to perfect your growing skills in order to get the best bud bottom line. For me soil seemed alot easier to start with, now i look back and it was a waste of time and effort.
  5. How about looking into coco as a halfway house?

    Everyone who's tried it so far on the forums has had great results, and my coco grow this time is really outshining my soil grow from last time. The great thing is it's just as simple as growing in soil, and by growing in pots you maintain the flexibility to move your plants around.


    My grow

    tetra's guide on coco

    This last pic is from bopper - the plant on the left is grown in coco, and the plant on the right in soil. You might not believe it at first, but they are both from the same mother and have been grown under identical lighting conditions. There are more details on this in his grow journal as well...

    edit - to answer your question - NO there is nothing to suggest that bud grown hydroponically is of any better quality than that grown in soil. What hydroponics (or coco...) give you is a faster growth rate, and possibly a greater yield. The bud quality will not be any better...


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  6. wow nice plants arse, and im really astonished about that coco thing.
  7. hydro grows way faster no one is better than the other people just think hydro is better because its harder 2 take care of and hardly anybody grows it so its like scarce

  8. Thanks :)

    Yeah, I was pretty impressed with the coco as well. Never expected the difference to be so big compared to basic soil... They drink shitloads of water with the coco though, and go through ferts pretty quickly.
  9. Arseface, are you saying you would prefer coco over soil? personally both plants look good, if you were to compare them forgeting the medium difference it just looks like the coco plant is stretching a bit. That being said, did the coco plant mature faster or just grow taller? nice growing!

    well now knowing you didn't grow it, would you know the answer anyways
  10. Hydro generally is faster and can have bigger yields. Those who grow hydro say that it is not harder to maintain than soil, but it does require continual supervision and tweaking. The main difference, I believe, is that soil is more intuitive because most of us have at least a rudimentary understanding and even experience with soil growing in general. We've grown tomatoes, we've planted flower beds, heck we even grew some seeds in grade school. Hydro requires learning something that is more foreign and totally new and also requires a more technical set-up. A lot of people, myself included, just figure heck they know how to fill a pot with soil and go with that.
  11. Imo, soil was easier to start off with, and I worked my way up to hydro. I'd say get the hang of the growing cycles by growing in soil without much maintence, then try bubble buckets. They take some tweaking to get the hang of at first, but once you figure out a good ph and nute level, i think its easier than soil, and the rate of growth is astonishing.

    The bud isn't any more potent though. Just faster growing.
  12. [quote name='Toke"N"Chill']Check out the link below... Interesting reading about the basic question asked in this thread. Hydro or Soil??[/quote]
    i grow hydro for two reasons! one speed(im impatient). and two, eaiser!(im lazy)
    Now one might argue that its easy, but when you notice you plants under stress you can just restet the whole system. Usally that solves the prob witout ever knowing what the prob. was. Once all the hard work is done(set up) then things pretty much run themselves from there. Check my sig for grow-room(watch the growth!) T.Bug:D

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