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  1. Well, it's about time for a new grow, actually its long overdue but I had a shitload of electrical work done to make it safer. I have since taken a job at a garden store where I can get some materials for my grow at a great discount. I can get the soil basically for free, and that's essentially all I need to get started. I have a few options, I don't know the prices because it doesn't matter. just wanted to get some opinions.

    Gardeners Gold - Master Nusrsery Organic Potting Soil
    Peat (sphagnum or reed sedge)
    Bark Fines
    Composted Manures
    Composted Shell fish shells
    dolomite lime (ph adjustment)

    I figure this is my best option though there is a similar soil with the same contents without the perlite or the lime.

    Hamptons Estate - Professional potting mix

    leaf compost
    organic fertilizer
    simply listed as "organic Potting soil" .25- .10 - 1.0

    Hampton's estate - Garden soil

    Peat/ composted manure / compost

    Is the first my best option? a mix? I can get lime and perlite cheap too, so if its better to mix yourself I can go for the option without them. Thoughts?
  2. They all sound like they'll work fine. I'd probably choose door number one, simply because of the trace elements that the ground up seashells would provide...I mostly just mix my own using dirt from the garden, sphagnum moss, and compost in equal parts.
  3. My garden dirt is shite, and sometimes has whiteflies, aphids, or root-eating larvae:(

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