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  1. Bout to start my first grow, and the only thing that is stopping me is the soil issue. Now I have read online that you should use soilless or sometimes pre-fertilized. I really have no idea and don't want to waste these seeds on a failed project. Can you please let me know your exact soils or mediums that you grow in and for each stages what should I do.
  2. Fox Farms Ocean Forest is the way to go for a first timer. It's buffers ph great and as long as you have a good meter and monitor your ingoing and runoff then you will have alot less problems then with other soils.
  3. Fox farm ocean forset is going to be your best bet. Its a really good soil for first timers.
  4. I used fox farms ocean forest for a while, and it is great.

    However, happy frog is not quite as hot and in my opinion is a little better for newbies, which have a tendency to burn plants.
  5. I like roots organic better than ffof..i water with teas
  6. Natural coco coir + perlite 50-50 (not soil but still an opinion)
  7. Well sorry I did not exactly clarify my grow, incase it makes any difference but I am just going to be growing 4 plants under cfl's, about 100actual watts per plant
  8. most soil is "soilless" because it contains no actual soil but a substitute like peat moss or coco coir
    the importance of these things is that they contain 0 fert which will help u in the long run

    if u use organic or Fox Farms etc make sure it was no fert and add some perlite which helps plants roots
  9. I use happy frog and it works out really well i don't use nutes for about a month

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