Soil not drying out - is this an issue?

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  1. I'm working on my small indoor grow tent's first grow, and I'm currently using 3 gallon fabric pots. I transplanted out of solo cups and into the cloth pots this past Saturday, and gave them a lot of water (so much so that there was runoff, but I was trying to avoid dry soil spots when transplanting).

    So, my plants are actually doing really well. I even topped them and the new nodes are growing. The color of the plants looks great, too. All things considered, there isn't much to worry about but I do have a question...

    It's now Tuesday and my soil is still pretty wet. It's trying, but you can tell it's damp and my moisture reader says the soil below is wet.

    How much of a problem is this gong to be for me? My tent is in my basement, and as such it's pretty cold down there. I'm running between 70-72 degrees, with about 60% humidity.

    Should I be worried? Should I let it completely dry before I water again? When I water again, should I water less allowing it to dry more frequently?

  2. It sounds as though your pots may be sitting in water.
    Make sure that they are not.
    I saturated my 5 gallon fabrics, siphoned off the excess water from the trays,
    and did not water, at all, for a week. Only by then, were the pots were light and dry, and I saturated again,
    and again SIPHONING OFF the run off.
  3. This is great to know!

    So, they're not sitting in water. I can confirm that. I might have made it seem worse than it is. Like, to touch the fabric of the pots, the pot itself is dry. It's the soil that's pretty damp, but it's not leaking. I've picked up each pot and there's no moisture or liquid under it.

    I'll do the same as you and just wait until the weekend and check the soil again. I really want it to dry before I re-water.

    All of the aside, the plants are loving it!
  4. I don't know what it looks like....but I am guessing your plant just isn't filling out it's new pot yet....therefore the roots aren't using it to help dry it out....hence it will stay wet longer.

    That is a cooler temp....that's gonna make it take even longer...IMO...We should split out temps down the middle and we could be set!!! My room runs at about a constant 81...with 60%RH
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  5. I definitely wanted the room to be warmer, but there's not much I can do as my basement as super cold, and to fit a heater in there would remove 2 of my plants (it's a smaller grow tent).

    I do have a few smaller LED pot lights that add a bit of heat. I might hang one of them in there a little higher than my regular LED just to bring in some heat. Extra light can't hurt either.

    That might just solve my problem (lol sorry, I'm talking my way through this as I write it).
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  6. It's glad the thought came to ya.....but I wouldn't hang it HIGHER.....if you are going to pay the bill for it's might as well get the light down there low enough to use that as well.......just my .02
  7. This forum has been so instrumental to my growing. I really appreciate the advice, and I absolutely will hang it at the same height.

    I'm also turning my LED up to full output today (it's got an on-board dimmer and is currently only around 75% as I dial it up daily to get the plants used to it), so that extra intensity should give me another degree. Ideally I'd love to sit around 75.
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  8. I added a tube heater to my cabinet, wired into a wifi thermostat and the exhaust fan wired with hygrometer switch to allow humidity and heat control

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  9. Damn, that sounds super complicated for someone who knows nothing about wiring. It also sounds like a great solution.
  10. Very simple. All plug n play. Amazon sonoff switches. Heater is for atrarium applications

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  11. I was under the impression that an aquarium heater, when not placed in a tank, could be a fire hazard. Is this wrong?
  12. These are for lizzards and such. Basically works as a waterproof baseboard heater

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  13. Fantastic! Many thanks :)

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