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  1. what is a good kind of soil to use...this is my second grow outdoors. My first grow was successfulbut I just used the soil that was left over in some pots I had. So now I did the same thing but some of the plants are starting to wilt. I've been reading that the soil has to be airy. I don't know what soil I used I just grabbed it from the left over pots I needs some help....ill post up some pics if I can
  2. Soil depends on how serious you want to get about growing, which directly relates to what you'll produce. You can assemble your own soil for far less money with superior quality to bagged soil. Research, research, research.
  3. I'm very serious. I'm tryin to get the most yield!
  4. Vermiculite,perlite,dead leaves, shreded newpaper,wood chips,peat,etc will add some air
  5. I bought a bag yestrday and its peat moss perlite soil...I think that's what the bag sd. I was reading around and it seems like this is the stuff you use...or am I wrong?
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    I use the following soil mix for my container plants:

    25% Gardner & Bloom Potting soil - contains fir bark, peat moss, perlite, chicken manure, worm castings, bat guano, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, oyster shell, dolomite lime - $6.50/2cf bag.

    25% Perlite - $18.95/4cf bag.

    25% Peat Moss - $11.95/3.8cf bale

    25% Decomposed cow manure - $15/pick-up load (about a half cubic yard, 13.5cf) from a local dairy.

    Using multiple 25 gallon smart pots (3.34cf each) my cost per cubic foot of growing media is $3.66/cf or $12.22/container.
  7. To Mad...: so basiclly you mix all that together and. then you plant your seeds. Or its done in stages? Sry man im just tryin to get this right...

    To.G jest: I read the link you sent...I had those problems with my first grow. Like I sd I just pit em pots and let them grow...
  8. You can't be too lazy if you are going for yield. Yah, they will grow. But, you need to give them what they want. Using old soil that's been used at least 2 times already and been sitting outside isn't a god idea. Might have fungus, mold, or bugs in it. not to mention all the nutes have been used up. No matter what you put in there it would probably die.

    Black Gold or Fox Farm is really good soil and has a lot of organics in it and you won't need fertilizer for a few weeks with it. Depends on how much of it they are in.

    Not saying your lazy, Just can't be too lazy! We all have our moments.
  9. I start in early March.

    1. Plain potting soil for seed germination in 4" pots under 18/6 lights until root mass forms.
    2. Transplant into one gallon pots with soil mix, lighting reduced one hour weekly.
    3. Transplant into three gallon pots with soil mix, lighting down to 14/10.
    4. Transplant into 25 gallon outdoor containers in May.

    At all stages I take them outside in fair weather for hardening. I have wheeled tables to move them out to the sun and back inside. I've posted images of the tables here.

  10. Lol gotcha homie....welll off too garden section at lowes :smoking:

  11. Well I started them in solo. cups out side and so far so good. There about 2 weeks. I didn't germinate them I just put the seeds in the soil. What can I do from there? I really appreciate your help Mad.
  12. What I do is get them into a good growing mix using the aforementioned components to feed the microbes with good drainage (perlite) and water retention (peat moss), use ACT teas a few times, keep them watered, watch for bugs and hope for good weather at harvest time. The decomposed cow manure eliminates any need for additional fertilizers (those popular and very pricey brand name 'nutes' half the posts worship) while the teas take care of the microbes that service the plant.

  13. What are ACT teas? Where can I get em..
  14. Try this as a starting point.

  15. Where can I get Gardner and blooome? Could I find it at lowes or do I have to specially order it?
  16. It's normally carried by traditional nurseries and farmer co-ops. Nurseries will be higher priced than the co-ops.

    Here's Kellogg's website, they have a zip code where to buy feature.

    If you can't find G&B in your area I've read of other organic bagged potting soils with virtually the same ingredients which a little research should uncover. I wouldn't be surprised if Kellogg's Patio Plus Potting soil was the same product. Go to some stores and read product content labels.

  17. Check it our mad. I read the labels and I found a soil. mix similar to Gardner bloome. I also bought fertilizer, again, I read the labels and similar to what you said. Now having that done I got another question. When do I put the fertilizer in? Also what do I need to do to get more yield. I saw this plant food that was pretty high in N but I wasn't sure if that was the right one...
  18. Amazing what a little research uncovers.

    I mix everything I listed together, including the cow manure, and use it as my growing media. You won't need plant food or the heavily marketed and pricey nutrients, everything the plant needs is right there in the potting soil and decomposed manure with water retention (peat moss) and air (perlite). I used to add a tablespoon of molasses to a gallon of water during flowering, but I've moved on to AACT teas.

    Since you're well on the way to growing organically, I suggest reading up on AACT teas. Plenty of recipes and application procedures in the Organic Forum. This is my first year using the teas, but those who have experience with them can't say enough good things with scientific evidence to support their opinions.

    This book is an absolute must read for any serious organic grower seeking quality plants and consistent high yields. Written in layman terms, it'll get your head into what's actually happening with your plants and the growing media.
  19. I'm doing my first grow. I almost used Miracle-Gro, bought the bags and everything.. then did some research and read nothing but horrible things. So, I bought Fox Farms Ocean Forest and Light Warrior and did a 50/50ish mix. I'm 6 weeks in and the girls are awesome. SO GLAD I switched before I transplanted the clones.

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