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  1. Hello GC Fam,
    This is my first grow journal i will be uploading, to me its more of a Log then a journal. ive been in the garden for about 5 years off and on with abt 5 full term grows and many failed attempts. 3 DWC Grows and 2 Soil Grows. ive aquired many of these items learning and failing in many different ways. Thanks to the videos and fourms people have posted for me to learn and grow this skill. Thank You!!!!

    I will start by saying I am at the end of my current grow im 52 days in with abt 10-14 days left before i have to chop them down due to a housing inspection. I am in a legal state so its all good but im still kind of secretive about my Gardening aka hobby.

    The Garden
    Grow Space - Maxsisun 4x2 (48x24x60) Grow Tent
    Lighting- 300w Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED grow light 2x4 coverage Full Spectrum
    Ventilation- AC Infinity 6in inline fam (intake) + Simlar Ac infinity 4in Inline fan (outake) + 4in Carbon filtration system.
    Container-5 Gallon Fabric Smart Pot w/ Runoff Tray
    Hummidifier-Vivosun 4L Cool Mist Humidifier
    Inkbird Humidity Controller IHC200 Pre wired Outlet dual Stage Humidifier/Dehumidifer
    Dehumidifer-vivosun Small Space Mini Dehumidifier
    Genetics- 1 Plant Cooooool Beans- Dankarooz (FEM)
    Medium- Soil 25% roots Organic Camo Bag Greenfields 75% FoxFarm Ocean Forest.
    Nutrients- Nectar For The Gods- Green + Modified Roman Feed From Feed Charts
    Down To Earth Dry Amendments
    Fish Shit Organic Soil Conditioner

    Other Equipment

    Garden Hose Filter
    Bluelab PH & PPM Pen
    Apera PH Pen
    Vivosun Air Pump 8site + Hydrofarm Air Pump 2site
    Flora Flex Automated Drip System

    Story time
    For a Hydro grower, soil has been very different to learn. My first grow was in soil I eneded up with gnats and mites and blamed the soil and went right into DWC/Hydro growing. During this journey to learn how to use Organics and soil growing i made many mistakes from overfeeding, underwatering and just some lazy habbits that would cost me in the end. Skipping days to water and feed being used to that LAZY DWC life where i only had to moniter the numbers and change some water this was very different. As time went on i fixed my habbits and became a little more organized and put in the attention my garden needed. (Depression is a hell of a thing)

    I have some of the collected information for this veg cycle i was still in my lazy ways and did not recored enough but i have some information until i get to bloom cycle

    Room Enviorment
    Temp: 75-80 degrees
    Hummidity: 70%

    11/11/22 I feed my first dose of NFTG using the Spatan Regiment whice includes
    SPARTAN Regimen Feeding Chart – OCG (
    PH: 6.3 PPM:480
    Medusa'a Magic- 10ml
    Gaia Mania- 10ml
    Herculean Harvest- 5ml
    Zeus Juice- 5ml
    Before this feed i used only water for 2 weeks using the nutrients from the soil medium.

    11/14/22-Compost tea Feed
    Compost Tea feed-Veg Booster
    Filtered Water- 5 gallon
    EWC- 2 Cups
    2 Tbsp Molasses
    1 Tsp Recharge
    About 10 days out from First feedings and 7 days from compost tea feed doing well
    I left my tent open one day going to dump some water and my dog took a nice chunk out of her. but all was well.
    0 11-22-22.jpg

    At this point i was still learning how to use the NFTG and using only RO water inbetween feed and compost tea days, I learned i was hurtting my plant. I used RO water for Hydro and know i have to put back in all the Nutrients the system would filter out, but with soil i assumed the dirt would provide that missing factor, oh boy was i wrong. i read that with RO water using this nutrient line you had to add some things in to the water to make it the right balance to feed my plant

    By 12/2/23
    I noticed some early yellowing in the between the fan leaves and quickly Provided some Calcium using the Herculen Harvest- 5ml and Demeter's Destiny- 5ml hoping it would fix my problem from the RO water usage. PH: 6.4 PPM:420
    I wasn't to confident in myself at this point and i had failed so many times so i hit it with a light calmag feed at PH:6.3 and PPM:180
    At this time i started to see a small turnaround in my plant being a vibrant green and looking really healthy and i didnt have to water and feed as often due to the low heat within my enviorment during this time my light was at 25% (Gotta Love Technology)
    On this day i also added the trellis to the tent and started to train my plant a bit harder aside from topping my plant and some bending now the real training started. 2 12-16-22.jpg


    PH:6.4 PPM:210
    5 gallon filtered Water
    EWC- 1 cup
    Azomite- 1 tbsp
    Kelp meal- 1 tbsp
    Alfalfa Meal- 1 tbsp
    Neem Seed Meal- 1 tbsp
    Blood Meal- 1 tbsp
    Recharge (reccomened Dosage on Bag) 1/2 tsp
    Mollasses- 1 tbsp

    Full Feed NFTG Greek Regiment Modified to Replace Kraken with Fish Shit 2ml
    GREEK Regimen Feeding Chart – OCG (
    This is the Start of my full feeds after seeing the plant take to the last feeding i was a bit more confident this time i said im just going to go for it and began to add in the full feed at full stregth.

    (side note) In the Past Using this nutrient line i would give and add in what i thought i needed and not what the chart was telling me to feed and i knew at this point if i wanted to use Bloom Khaos i would need to have extra Calcium in my Medium. ( I was using Down To Earth-NFTG-Humboldt Secret) Terrible Idea

    This picture is from a failed garden trying to figure out my own recipe effects of BK with out the right amount of Calcium and RO water inbetween feeds 8 big plants just got demolished here lol, sad days.
    BK effects with lack of herc.jpg

    I began to prep my Medium for the Foliar spraying of BK so i added a Extra feed of Herc to build up that Extra needed Calcium
    I also set my timer from 24/0 to 12/12 begining the bloom cycle

    Transition Phase

    Herc Feed PH:6.7 PPM:100
    Once my dark period began i sprayed my plants
    Bloom Khaos(BK) Foliar feed PH:6.2
    3 12-16-22.jpg

    Herc Feed PH:6.5 PPM:100
    BK Foliar Feed PH:6.2
    Signs of first flowers

    Next post will be all about Flowering until im up to date with the current cycle.
    Dont mind my mispells im a stoner not a Spelling Bee Champ lol

    Thanks For Reading My Adventure.....
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  2. Flower Phase
    How to use Nectar for the Gods | Oregon's Only ( (scoll down for roman chart)

    So learning from my past i knew not to cut out my Veg nutes too early in the transition phase but i began to add in more Flowering nutirents increasing my PPM and I began using the Roman Regiment minus a couple of nutrients i did not have i will type out the late veg recipe from the feed chart of the nutirents i used. dosage listed on chart above.
    Medusa Magic (MM),Gaia Mania (GM), Atehna's Aminos (AA),Demeter's Destiny (DD),Fish Shit (kraken replacement) Hygeia Hydration (5ml), Persephone, Herculin Harvest (HH/Herc), and Zeus Juice
    PH: 6.6 PPM:860

    My highest feed prior to this one was on 12/17/22 at PH:6.7 PPM:700 listed on calendar below

    Herc feed PH 6.5 at 5ml
    At this point i was feeding smaller amounts of calcium due to the bigger feedings of the full feed days and i didnt mark down these Calcium feeds i basiclly avoided feeding just Water in fear of Diluting the Calcium in the medium while using Bloom Khaos.

    In the wee morning of the 24th around 2am getting home from work i still had 4hr of darkness left so i hit them with a Bloom Khaos foliar Feed since i added the extra Herc feed the day before. PH:6.2

    I had some Photos from around this time but they wouldnt upload for some odd reason just error code......

    I decied to add in a Bannana Peel tea i made with the add in of Fish Shit and Golden Tree from Humboldt Secret its basicly Zeus Juice just with a extra hint of EGG fart smell lol.
    Side Note- My wife hates when its feed day smells like a fishy fart in the kicthen lol. I always tell her thats how you know its organic lol.


    Full Roman Feed listed Above Refer to date 12/21/22 for list

    This ends The month of December at least this pic made

    As you can see from this chart i have a full feed day a rest day and then a Herc calcium Feed with Compost Tea feeds inbetween to aviod over watering and using just plain filtered water.

    it was so different feeding so much in a week with this line its like i Feed And Feed and Feed but it was all healthy no over feed no burning all nice and green.

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  3. Nice writeup. I've never foliar fed before and think it's great you are trying this.
    It's too bad about the earlier plants, but we all make mistakes from time to time.
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    Happy New Year

    Full feed PH:6.5 PPM 890- Roman regiment Early Flowering
    MM-GM-AM-DD-Mega Morphes(MMO) 10ml-Fish Shit-Hygiea Hydration(HHY) 5ml-Persephone(P) Herc- Zeus Juice.

    On this day i also did a heavy defoliation to open my plant up to me light exposer for the coming month as i head deeper into flowering mode. 1-3-23 2.JPG

    Herc Feed-Calcium boost PH:6.5 PPM:150

    Bloom Khaos Foliar Feed- Last foliar Spray
    In the early morning of this day after work i sprayed my plants with the lights off instead of on after reading and some R&D, I learend that not only did this give the plants the max amount of time to absorb the foliar it would avoid th evaporation that would happen if the lights were on and reduces the chances of your leafs being burned from the lights and drolets of water.

    Full Roman feed listed on past post refer to 12/21/22 for recipe or follow feed chart on link above.

    Herc feed-Calcium Boost 1-12-23.jpg
    At this time i had some nice bud sites forming and was very excited to see the way they were stacking up
    Calcium Feed PH:6.5 PPM:150

    Around this time i had some trips planed and i had to get the tent ready to surrive with out me for a day one week then 4 days the next week right after.

    I set up my flora flex drip irrigatin system i have a 8 site system but just used one installed to the smart pot i also connected the system to a Govee smart plug and was able to turn on the system right from my phone nice and easy.
    1-18-23 2.JPG

    Full feed Roman refer to date 1/3/23 listed above. I also added in bloom Khaos in to the recipe to give it that last boost to absorb that extra calcium i have been feeding into the medium.

    Nice bud shot from this day
    1-19-23- 2.JPG

    My day trip to Cali was very cool i went to the First Smoke Of The Day event and had a great time it was colder then i expected.

    Herc Feed-Calcium Boost
    I didnt get any readings but i assume its around the same amount i have been feeding so PH:6.5 PPM:150

    Full Roman feed Listed above refer to date 1/3/23-Mid flowering on feed chart
    PH;6.7 PPM:1400 one of my higest feedings to date.
    Prepping my tent for my next trip and also the extra ml for the flowering feed pumped my PPM pretty high.

    Herc Feed-Calcium Boost
    PH:6.4 PPM:120

    During this time i set up my flora flex system to self feed as i was away for a trip to new orleans. the recipe i used for this trip was a very simple flowering tea.
    5 gallon filttered water
    EWC-2 cups
    Kelp Meal-1TBSP
    Alfalfa Meal-1 TBSP
    Bat Guano-1TBSP
    Sea bird Guano-1TBSP
    PH:6.7 PPM:450
    On the trip i was able to turn on my system the first day on the 1/27 and i had my sister inlaw keeping an eye on the house so i had her peek in to my tent to see if it was leaking or overflowing and by mistake on the way out she turned off my wifi lol.
    so i belive it ran a little bit and gave my plant about 2 gallons of water before it stoped flowing again. so my feed became a compost tea flush.

    Following days of returning, i monitered the plant to make sure the overwater didnt make my medium unblanced in any way, one thing i did notice was how beautiful everything was looking and the explosion in size from the previous week. 1-31-23 1.JPG
    1-30-23 1.jpg

    although alot of the plant leaves are still green i did noticed a small fade starting to take place puples and fall colors starting to come out of the plant
    1-31-23 11.jpg

    After over watering my plant i waiting a couple days before i added anything to the medium due to the heavyness of the pot i knew there was still too much water in the soil to add anymore. so i waited for the right amout of mositure to feed one last time. bringing and end to Jan 2023.

    On this day being my last feeding day i added in some new nutrients from the NFTG line a sort of last sticth to boost my flowering for the rest of the grow.
    PH:6.7 PPM:580
    Athena's Aminas-15ml
    Demeter's Destiny-5ml
    Mega Morpheus-15ml
    Fish shit-5ml
    Tritons Trawl-15ml
    Hygeia Hydration-15ml
    Aphrodite's Extraction-15ml
    Herculean Harvest-60ml
    I decided to skip the Medusa and Gaia and Zeus to reduce my PPM in the last weeks as i try to scale down the PPM range to have that natrual Fade on the plant.

    2-2-23.JPG 2-3-23.jpg
    after this feeding i will start to reduce the amount of nutrients i add to my water up until harvest reducing the line to just two nutrients
    Herculean Harvest and Aphodite's Extraction to the final 2 days and flush with just filtered water at 0 ppm.
    Now that im all caught up ill be posting the next steps leading to the harvest date as the days pass.
    Thanks again for reading
    i started this due to the lack of NFTG journals i have found and hoping this helps someone who is struggling on the idea on how to use this line.
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  5. Thanks for reading...yea its my 3rd time doing it and first time really understanding whats taken place, its a great way to get food into your plant espicailly after a watering or a feeding of the medium. Just aviod it while in mid to late flowering.
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