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  1. ok I searched, not hard and didn't find anything in gc on it. soil moist crystals has anyone used in coco before. transplanted 1 with 2 tbl per gal of mix and will post results on a weekly basis. sick of watering
  2. I have some laying around I was going to try. Only thought/concern is will they hang on to the nutes then release them in a more concentrated form? Or will they absorb the nutes then burn the roots when they touch them? Not sure.
  3. Ive used it in my ONA bucket odor control setup, but that's about it. I doubt coco would really need it, interesting to see the outcome of the rootmass.
  4. yes, soil moist works, and does help my outdoor crops during the hot/dry season, but, when it gets very dry out, animals can smell the moisture and will dig up your plants thinking there is a water source.
  5. yea its just an experiment for heatherlonglee she wants to try coco but doesn't want to water so often .
    my concern is when the plant starts using the nutes will the concentration of nutes rise in the water trapped in the soil moist or will it be the same as when I put in?
    why do you use it in ur ona bucket :confused:
  6. I'm here following along. I don't think it would burn the roots. It wouldn't be included in every (big store bought) potting mix if it could burn any type of plants. Interesting comment about animals digging up looking for water.
  7. na man your good to go although i wouldent use it in works great in soil but dont use to much a little gos a long way.
  8. I've used water crystals extensively outdoors and never had animals dig it up for water.
    Some ferts are a problem, though, like the chicken-shit-based ones. Lizards and other critturs love it.
  9. why would u not use it in coco?

  10. in my opinion coco holds enough water . Especially if its isn't a guerrilla grow and you can check your plants on a regular basis .If it is an outdoor grow and away from your home where you may not get to the girls every day i would just use good soil like root organics and add the moist to that.
  11. she has coco already and wants to try it but doesn't want to water that often so I thought I would see what differences there are between my girls in straight coco and the 2 I put in coco with soil moist for her, if she tried it she would have no idea what differences good or bad since she's only grown in soil.
  12. I cant attest to the concentration increase, but I would be willing to bet that in coco, adding soil moist could lead to root rot\mold\mildew issues simply because the water can't and won't disipate fast enough or be taken up quick enough by the plant. The buddy I help setup was in a similar boat not wanting to feed daily, so he ended up going with a 50/50 pro-mix BX/coco mix, ph's to 6.0 and feeds every four days with my formula and is doing well. She doesn't have to go straight coco and still get the benefits. Hook her up with a soiless/coco mix, she will do well.

  13. you're sick of watering? you shouldn't have used coco then. soil would be better for you. coco is hydro, and properly used, is fed a couple times a day. some folks water every other day, but for optimal growth, you want to feed daily. you may want to consider swapping out your coco for soil.
  14. I tried coco for a few hours and was sure it wasn't for me! I could just look at my pots and see its wasn't holding enough water. Watering by hand every day or twice a day is ridiculous! If you want to go the auto watering/feeders ect.. its better suited for that. Seems quite possible to grow some sweet dank with the coco. My background is in soil. I should stick with it. Coco coir is just not fitting in to the way I work.
  15. heather I would try veo's 50/50 mix sounds like its right up ur alley.

    and bot I went coco cause I wanted hydro results but not the hassle of keeping up with rez's I'm sick of watering but I'll get over it.

    and veo I will be letting the coco dry out between waterings so root rot and mold/mildew shouldn't be a prob.

    so far its been three days since transplant and only ill effect was a little leaf twist but has corrected itself. both look fine and are still growing at a good rate.

    and I don't pull out either:D
  16. I used some coco coir for the bottom 5" of my 5gal paint buckets. Figuring the bottom of the pot never dries out the coco will give it a chance to dry like the top part of the soil. Also add some aeration at the bottom of the pot were all the roots will be. There's some product thats says organic thats a coco specific wetting agent also. Soil dries out slower than coco and wetting agents don't cause root rot/mold/mildew in soil. I don't think it would cause any problems in coco.

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