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  1. Hey everyone how is it going?

    I am currently about 3 weeks into a white widow grow and it has been tough going. Originally I started the seedlings in a soil mix from canadian tire, but i later read that it had some slow leaching nutes so i made my own mix to transplant them into. Only one has survived the transplant, I think because it was done so early. Anyways... I need help with my next soil mix. I currently have some Scotts Peat moss, Perlite, Vermiculite and some Dolomitic Lime. I was wondering if that is sufficient for a good soil mix, and if not what would help that I could buy at wal-mart or home depot. Also what percentage of each substrate should i put in? Thanks for your help everyone!
  2. Hey there,

    Your on the right track, not sure about how the scotts is, but peat is a good base. Next time you are at Rona look out for promix Hp or BX. They come highly recommended by others and so far is working out good for me too. You will probably want to pick up some worm castings as well if you can find them, the Depot used to have them for like $5 a bag, but last time I was there they were all out so had to go to a actual garden store and pay much more. I good recipe that I read (cant take the credit) is 6 parts of your peat, two parts worm castings, two parts perilite and a tbsp of lime for every gallon of soil that you have. Simple and works great.

    Good luck
  3. hey, tried all the dirt u can buy in a bag and mixed some to see what did what. all from home depot, wal and kmart. found the mg organic to be pretty good. even on its own it does well. mixed w castings are the best 3 of the bunch. prolly no help, just what ive seen.
  4. Hey guys thanks for your help.

    I am thinking that i will search for some promix, though their website doesnt say that there are any close retailers to me. I don't have a pH meter, but i think that my current soil mix is way too acidic. Any other recipes using dolomitic lime, perlite, vermiculite and peat moss? i would be happy to hear it!

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