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  1. I'll look into that. I've been leaning more and more towards organics and DIY so I might have to make my own soil mix. I do mix more stuff but I use FFOF as the base
  2. FWIW,
    My very first soil grow was a bag of happy frog, a bag of ocean forest and a bag of roots organics. The plants did great. Now I know better and the plants are doing phenomenal.
  3. Yeah with each new bit of info I learn and apply, a little bit better my plants get. What line of nutes do you run?

  4. That's pretty much it. That above would be a step or so above ProMix or SS#4.
    Add more amendments and that puts you past FFOF or the like, into a custom blended mix that is far beyond anything you can buy.

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    I pretty much have 50lb bags of most of the various seed meals and soil amendments. I also grow my own ferts such as comfrey, yarrow, dandelion etc.
    I posted my soil recipe a few pages back.

  6. I'm not trying to sound like a dick, but read the whole thread.;)
  7. Anyone use Just Right soil?

  8. A critical, ergonomically speaking, aspect of mixing up your own soil blends is how you mix it. The old fashioned way is to just dump everything on a tarp and turn it with a shovel until well mixed.

    What I've done in the past is to use a compost tumbler to mix and store my components. It works really well and in addition, makes it easier to get to my blend when I am filling pots.
  9. I've been using a Rubbermaid container and mixing FFOF, blood meal, bone meal, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, lime, and mykos. I mix it a couple weeks before using it and I water it and turn it every few days trying to get the slow release nutes to start releasing. Sound good or am I messing it up?
  10. Good thing to do - longer is better perhaps but any amount of time is beneficial.


  11. Awesome! I'll mix them sooner than later then. I started using a new soil they had at the hydro store to try it out. Its called Just Right Ultra or something. Cut it with FFOF and the rest of what I listed above.

    Or you can go to the bank on this one - you'll have levels of problems and issues that will make pH (or even Cal-Mag Lockout) look like a walk in the park.

  13. How do I keep it aerated?

  14. If you're using a plastic bin don't snap the cover on it. About 2 or 3x per week take a shovel (or whatever) and turn the mix over a few times.

    No big deal - treat it like you had a plant growing in it - properly hydrated, aerated and able to live and breathe.


  15. O okay! I mix it every few days. I didn't know I was aerating it. I was doing it to make sure it was all mixed well
  16. A distinction without a difference probably. Continue what you're doing except dump the FFOF - LMAO

  17. Haha what would you recommend? I'm looking into maybe mixing my own soil base using peat. Or are you saying to just use the Just Right?
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    One of my main reasons for using a tumbler to mix and store is that it keeps the mix well aerated, well contained and free of critters that may wish to nest in there. The drums are designed to do just that.
  19. All commercial potting soils (good, bad or indifferent) are simply 60 - 75% peat and hopefully it's Sphagnum peat moss. Or it's some combination of a form of peat and coir.

    Toss in some amendments, a fancy label and you now have a 'must have soil' - pretty funny stuff.

    Premium, organic Sphagnum peat moss is available at DIY box stores for around $14.00 for 3.8 bales. One of them carries the 'pony bales' which are 2.2 c.f. from Alaska Peat


  20. I'll pick up some peat next time I go. Do my amendments all sound good? I'm sure there is more I can add but I'm not doing very long veg time so I'm holding back on the nitrogen additives and just feeding it nitrogen by liquid nutes. The phosphorus and potassium is what I want activated in my soil from veg to harvest so when I'm done vegging, there isn't any more nitrogen being slowly released in my soil.

    Edit: Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong or if I can do something to make it better

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