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  1. Take your desired grow area, and build a huge pile (were talking as big as a truck) of limbs, leaves, tree trunks, etc... No plastics or trash whatsoever... And burn it.... Burn it about 2, or 3 months before you plan on planting, this method works best from seed started there, but transplanting into the area is ok too... Don't till the soil or anything. And watch it go... You will only need to water, no fertilizer needed
  2. i know this is old as hell lol but i was thinking the same thing!! what do u prefer to use?? i keep looking for pumice everywhere but having issues lol but what do you like to use the best my fiend??
  3. nothing wrong with perlite, use whats readily available in your area.
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  4. You can use bio char as your aeration amendment that's what I used as it was half the price of pumice locally sourced and a bunch of sequestered carbon. Win win!
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  5. ill check out some places for biochar thanks buddy.. and i found lava rock for 13 bucks a cf to lolthanksfor lettin me knoiwabout the biochar...i never sen it localy but ill really start to look
  6. thanks buddy i know home depot got the big bag for pretty cheap so ill grab a bag to be safe
  7. I dont see any issues with perlite. Some people claim that because it floats that they think it will all rise to the top eventually but this isnt true. What you see floating is whats at the very top surface
  8. Hey stoned chick love this thread even tho its from years back. I would live to know that this exact recipe that your friends and you followed to the tee you say worked awesome. Just making sure this one is just a water only mix??? Or do you add any nutes at any time?? Like I said I know this was a thread from a long time ago so hopefully U or some one responds. Thanks and a happy high!
  9. .
    I just mixed this recipe up in a compost barrel that I turn on rollers.
    Can someone advise me please from here.
    I think I am supposed to add water and let this cook a couple weeks, correct ?
    I'm trying to get away from the problems i have using bottled nutes.
    I'm sure I may have to amend this mix at some point we'll see. Thanks Bill
  10. Water is the spark that gets everything going. The microbes are just dormant till the water wakes them up and they go to work.

    The mix must be moistened completely throughout. Hot tap water with a wetting agent such as Ivory dish soap or aloe juice or..... helps tremendously. Dry peat is hard to get wet the first time.

    I've noticed it takes about 1/2 the volume of the mix, in water to get it completely moist. I mix a bit under 18 gallons of mix at a pop (healthy 2cf), and it takes ~7 gallons of the hot water to get this thoroughly moist enough. This is not exact, but will give you a rough idea of what you'll need. That barrel is going to be real handy. LOL

    Helpful hint: I add my perlite last to the mix and start adding the water at the same time. It helps with the perlite dust along with starting the wetting down while mixing in the perlite. I add the perlite @40% of the total mix, that 1/3 bit just doesn't cut it with ROLS.

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  11. I only added a gallon of water I guess I've more work to do
  12. How long before this mix is ready to use.
  13. This run was water only.

    50% peat moss
    25% lava rock
    25% Teufels Compost

    1/2 cup per c.f neem, kelp, crab, oyster

    1 cup per c.f. glacial rock dust IMG_20180625_112935700.jpg

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  14. Nice ...
    I'll try that recipe next time around Thanks
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    I'm basically doing this and had a seedling question
    My mix will be 30% peat , black lava, ewc/biodyn compost
    1/2c crab , alfalfa, kelp,
    1/4c bone
    1.5c dolo lime
    2tbl humic
    2 tbl langbeinite

    Will cook 2 to 4 weeks min.
    I will have used roots soil I was going to reamend bad fold into new stuff after it's ready, but should I hold aside used for seedlings? This is my first attempts at water only and any top dressing I may need to do. I cut liquids stuff out a couple weeks ago
  16. If it's relatively weak soil without too much amendments its should be perfectly fine. Check out the no-till thread as well it's a bit more active than this one, you'll get more/better advice.
  17. Will do thanks. Just seems my recipe is similar to the ones here where someone specifically said do not use on seedlings
  18. Yeah you can always go to your local gardening store and buy some seed starter or young planting mix. It’s cheap stuff and I can guarantee it won’t burn your plants.

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