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  1. after garden is shut down in fall, clean out truck of tiny sticks and bark and dump them on garden, then go skiing. early spring dump about 5 yards of organic composted horse manure on garden and roto-till. i also till in the corn stalks.
    add beneficial nematodes and water well. for pots i use garden soil plus more manure. i have a lot of earth worms too. this is my favorite planet for worms. over the years the dirt has turned to a very dark, fertile soil. it started as a desert clay/sand windblown, totally non-nutritive layer of nothing where only weeds could grow, if it rained. j
  2. Hello Stoned Chick, I really like your thread as I am thinking about going total Organic for my second year of growing. So many soil mixes, tips and info here I should have no problem if I go Organic Just what I was looking for. Thanks Stoned Chick. Peace.:smoke: MG2
  3. 3 bags Dr. Earth organic soil
    1.5cu.ft. bag of chunky perilite
    5gallons of peat
    8 cups ewc
    1/4 cup guano .. each .. indo, peruvian, jamacian and mexican
    2 cups chicken shit
    3/4 cup powdered kelp
    1-2 cups d.lime
    1/8 cup azomite (trace)
    3/4 cup greensand
    1/2 cup bone meal
    1g humic acid
    1g fulvic acid
    1tsp "White Widow" (microbes)

    Plus 4 soaks of AACTs .. 2 veg + 2 flower

    This soil gets recycled in a tote .. reamended and re-used for another 4-5 runs or until its broken down .. then half gets taken out and a fresh half is added back in
  4. There is an organic mg soil with NO time release nutes. I know someone who used it before, they just added some amendments and peat worked fine.

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    This mix makes approx three 3 gallon containers. Afterward I only add i tblespoon of epson salt to one gallon of water and apply 1 quart to each plant. I also add the same measure of unsulphured molasses during flowering. quantities are in three gallon containers:
    I container of composted vegetable scraps, used soil, grass clippings, leaves, etc.
    1/2 container of sphagnum peat moss
    2 quarts composted cow manure
    2 quarts composed mushrooms
    2 quarts pearlite
    1 quart vermiculite
    1 quart composed chicken manure
    1 quart composed horse manure
    1 cup bone meal
    1 cup blood meal
    1 cup dolomitic lime
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    Thanks. I know I should go for quality ingredients but my only options as far as garden stores around here is Lowes and Wal Mart. No hydro store, home depot or anything. There is a nursery but it's closed by this time of year.

    Any way I could mix up something similar to pro-mix that will work? I hate to use 2 bags of MG organic but my options are unfortunately so limited.

    Maybe I could use Sta-Green 1 Cu. Ft. Flower and Vegetable Planting Premium Soil instead of pro-mix?
  7. Order from Amazon. EVERYTHING you need is there. Especially if you don't have access to grow shops.
  8. I started this one today.

    - half Bail Pro-mix BX - substituting Mykos instead because it's under $3
    - 1 bag FoxFarms Ocean Forest
    - 1 cup dolomite lime
    - 1 cup blood meal
    - 1 cup bone meal
    - 10-20% extra perlite

  9. As stated by BeZ, the MG organic is an okay start. MIWolverine is thinking of regular MG.
  10. Love this thread! I am going all organic for my next grow.... subbed so I don't lose this thread

  11. Awesome. Here is the final soil mix I decided to go with:

    -2 cf MG organic choice soil
    -1 cup blood meal (for nitrogen)
    -2 cups bone meal (for phosphorus)
    -2 cups dolomite lime (calcium/magnesium and PH buffer)
    -20% perlite (space for roots/make sure water isn't retained too much in the soil)

    2 weeks into flower I'll start adding 1 tablespoon per gallon of unsulphured molasses every third watering.

    This will hopefully keep things simple and provide my plant with all the nutrients it needs. :)
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    20% wormcastings
    10% mushroom compost
    50% sunshine mix #4
    20% chunky perlite

    ^every 5 gallons of soil I add

    1 cup mexican bat guano
    1/2 cup jamaican bat guano
    1/2 cup indonesian bat guano
    1/4 cup (crushed) peruvian bird guano
    10 Tbs kelp meal
    5 Tbs green sand
    5 Tbs domolite lime

    Water only, I use EJ catalyst during the stretch phase, and bloom/catalyst late in bloom but not necessary water only works well.

  13. You're missing K. Blood for N, Bone for P, now get some kelp meal for the K. Really important in flowering. 1 cup for 2cf.

  14. Can I find any kelp meal at any place besides a hydro store? Mine doesn't carry any. Just the liquid one which I have but I wanted to get some kelp meal to mix in. Anyone use green sand?

  15. That's why I was going to mix in molasses at 1 tbsp/gallon during flowering, for some potassium :)
  16. There isn't enough Potassium (K) in molasses to sustain a gnat.........
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    Really? Thanks for the info. I though it would be sufficient, here's the nutritional facts for the molasses I picked up at the store:

    Do you have any suggestions for a potassium amendment I could pick up from Wal Mart or lowes? That's the only stores that carry gardening things this time of year around here. I wanted kelp meal but unfortunately couldn't find it.

  18. Yeah I've been looking for kelp meal for a while as well. The hydro store doesn't carry it
  19. Secondary

    Look carefully at what the molasses label is actually telling you - the percentages are for the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) and not for the actual content.

    IOW - 290mg is 8% of what the USDA says you need to maintain your health. It doesn't mean that there's 8% levels of Potassium.



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