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    They are most of my nitrogen sources but since they still retain most of their natural oils and proteins, they probably are giving me some other good stuff too. That is why they are in smaller doses. You can get those ingredients in most grocery stores. Having a variety will ensure it is somewhat balanced. Anyways my plants seem to like it. Check out a bud shot with this recipe taken on day 45.

    You could add slightly more of those ingredients I feel like. I'm nearing the end of my first run with this mix and I'm seeing more widespread shortage of N at the start of week 6 (out of 8). This is good but If I were going to veg my plants any bigger before hand, more food would probably work.

    Also I would recommend amending with something of higher Mg content as I feel like they got def around week 5. I watered with some epsom salts so its all good but we're going for water only right......?


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    If you feel your ladies could use a boost of N, you could give them a shot of alfalfa tea. I add a cup and a half of alfalfa meal, a cup of EWC and a jigger of molasses to 5 gallons of un-chlorinated water and oxygenate for 24-36 hours.

    I'll cut the brew about 50/50 with water, then soak my plants. This is a good tea to apply during veg, plus you can apply up until about week 4-5 in flower. It's a good idea to use sparingly when on seedlings, as I've seen minor burning. The alfalfa provides readily available N and you can add some Epsom salts right before application.

    Alfalfa also has Triacontanol, a naturally occurring plant growth regulator. I've read that it is an ingredient in Super Thrive, but haven't the proof to back it up. It does seem to give my plants in veg a boost after applying.

    You can also use it as a foliar spray. I filter it through some nylons to remove the particulates, and you can even add 1/4 tsp of soluble kelp for more diversity. Here is some further information on it's benefits.



    BTW........Awesome looking buds!

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that after brewing, you can feed the alfalfa to your worms, or as I do, mix in with you soils that you intend to re-use.

  3. Wow, Thanks Chunk!! As always tons of great info. Do you think it would be wise to feed them a tea so late in flower? My two older girls are at day 45. I'm thinking of cutting between day 55 or 60 depending when the trichs mature. I don't think I could water them for the next few days cuz the soil is pretty wet. I thought I might as well just let them go without additional N.

    I'm definitely going to experiment with more teas next round. I only applied one fungal tea at day 12 or so of flower. That Alfalfa/kelp tea recipe sounds rockin'.

    Thanks again!
  4. just transplanted 2, 2 week old starters into 3 gal containers of Ocean Forest and Light Warrior, 50/50. This is as simple as I could get and I am hoping things will go well. I am on a 110W HO Fl light for vegging and 150W HPS for flowering. I just hope at least one of the 2 bagseed plants works out to be a Fem.

    I bought a Milwaukee pH 600 pH meter and am finding my tap water through a Brita is coming out to 6.3. Not bad. I have tap water that has been sitting in the closet that went through the Brita that is at 7.5.

    Anybody willing to tell me why the pH goes up as it sits in the closet?

    Thanks for getting all the great recipes on here Stoner Chick. Some really good ones.

  5. Great thread stoner babe...
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    Tap water=ok? Don't think it would be organic.

  7. Tap water is perfectly acceptable and doesn't make anything less organic. The only thing you need to worry about is the chlorine in the water. You can leave a bucket of tap water out over night and the chlorine will evaporate in around 24 hours. Give it a stir every once in a while to make sure. HTH

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    This is the recipe I am usng right now, 3 weeks in from seed. Thus far everyone is healthy, full of vigor, and growing like champions. Since this is a new recipe for me, all organic only, I'm not 100% confident that I might not need to add something later on but I'll deal with that IF necessary. Water source is municipal, sourced from the tap, and stored in a 10gal container with an airstone and recirculating pump. Currently watering every 3 days. Application of one AACT thus far. In about 60 more days I will know for sure how this all turned out and what adjustments might have been necessary.

    Expressed in “parts” (whatever you make a "part" to be)

    6 part Sungro #2 base
    1 part EWC
    1 part Humus
    1 part Vermiculite
    1 part Perlite
    1 part builder sand
    ½ part bone meal
    ½ part blood meal
    ½ part Espoma organic starter with mycor (endo and ecto)
    ½ part Alfalfa/Kelp
    ½ part dolomite lime
    2 tbsp Epsom

    What I would also have added/modified if available ("parts" subject to closer review)

    (Change the 6 part Sungro to 3 part Sungro, 3 part coir)
    1 part super phosphate/tri-phosphate
    1 part Neem seed
    1 part Alfalfa seed
    1 part Lignite
    1 part Azomite
    1 part Silica
    1 part Algamin Kelp
    ½ part of quality endo mycor
  9. Or, if you use an air pump, run it for an hour or two in a five gallon bucket of tap water to evaporate the chlorine.
  10. Have you ever used this one? If so, how did it go?
  11. This is very similar to a mix I use and have had very good results. There was a guy that did a journal on this subject last year with lots of pics in it.
    I've grown this way for years and can say for sure that you can grow 6' to 14' plants in this mix without ever feeding them, or ever watering them, if you plant them right.

  12. got a link for whoever used this?
  13. Sorry for the noob question, but, this can be used for indoor grows?

    Great list!

    If this can be done for indoor grows, I will for sure try one of the mix's. Thanks again.
  14. Pro Mix is good soil. You don't need to be mixing it with MG Organic Choice. I would leave that out of the mix and add some EWC and/or good compost along with 10% more pumice/perlite/vermiculite. Mix that up real good. Mix all your amendments together, then mix it up with the soil.

  15. 4 parts FFOF
    2 Parts Organic Pro-mix
    2 Parts Perlite
    1 part EWC

    1/2 cup Kelp Meal
    1 cup Alfalfa Meal
    1 Tbsp Tomato Tone(per cu ft?)
    1 cup garden Lime
    Possibly a water soluble humic,fulvic and amino , and silica drench prior to soil cook
  16. This thread should def be a sticky imho :)
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    Soil Base:

    20% peat moss
    20% Coco Coir
    15% EWC
    15% compost
    10% vermiculite
    10% perlite
    10% lava rock

    Amended with:

    1/4 c. per c.f. of the following, all mixed up in equal proportions:
    Kelp Meal
    Crushed Oyster Shell
    Roasted and Crushed Mussel Shells
    Neptune's Harvest Crab Shell
    Green Sand

    and a 1/2 c. of these, same deal as above:
    Espoma Garden Tone
    Blood Meal
    Bone Meal

    That's what I settled down with after a little help from the 'city, but I'm not water only anymore either. In addition to the occasional AACT, I use fish hydrolysate, kelp meal, and ProTeKt from time to time. With some fresh amending and a little help from homemade BIM and AACTs, this stuff can and should be reused.
  18. With the following mix:

    I was wondering if I could use 2 bags of miracle gro organic choice instead of 1 bag of pro-mix and 1 bag of miracle gro since pro-mix is not offered in my area.

    Also I don't think coarse perlite is offered here, will regular perlite work?

  19. [quote name='"Savagex510"']Sorry for the noob question, but, this can be used for indoor grows?

    Great list!

    If this can be done for indoor grows, I will for sure try one of the mix's. Thanks again.[/quote]

    Yeah , same question. 

  20. The main problem with miracle grow is their nutrients are time released, and they tend to release at the exact wrong times.

    Do you have a farm/feed store? A home depot? A nursery? a hydro shop? You might have to look around but if your serious about growing, you gotta start right. You can grow with miracle grow, but any effort to find higher quality materials is worth it........MIW

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