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  1. The soil mix ive used so far seems to be too dense, although it worked out fine. i want to make it more airy, but since i cant find any of the stuff i heard about (perlite, vermiculite, whatever) in Brazil, are there any ideas about how i can make my soil mix less dense so the roots can get more development?


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  2. how much soil does that pot hold and are you gonna keep that for the plants life

  3. It holds about 5 liters. ive kept that for the plants ive had, all very small due lack of space...temporarily i hope.
  4. Beaded styrofoam...usually comes white,,used for many packaging applications...

    Rub pieces together under moist soil(to prevent static),,and mix. Cover top of soil with small pea gravel(to prevent beads floating while watering.

    Adding more clean sand to mix will also help...good luck


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