Soil mix for large outdoor grow.

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  1. OK, I'm about to move a lot of clones outside. Got my handy dandy garden claw and mini hand shovel:) . Now I was originally just going to break up the ground and plant them. Then I thought it might be nice to add some humus and dolomite lime for a little fert and PH help. Don't want to add anything like perlite since it make a planting quite obvious. Mainly I want something that will be a quick easy mix that I can carry enough of it a good distance and have little to do with it. Kinda the bare minimum,.. And good recommendations?
  2. HAHAHAHA that's funny as hell. I actually thought I was going to get them all done today. YEAH RIGHT!. Damn this area I have is great but wow is it hard to get them into it. I LOVE the garden HOG though. It's like the garden claw but more sturdy. Well lowes didn't have dolomite lime so so much for that idea. Basically I made a nice hole with the garden hog and my nice little hand shovel then mixed the removed soil with 1/4cup of 12-12-12 time released ferts and 50/50 removed ground soil/miricle grow potting soil. And planted them. Covered them up with pine needles and leaves and walla, looks like nobody was ever there. We'll see how they do I guess. Guess we'll just have to hope the almighty shows me some love on this one.
  3. Slice up a few fish and throw them in the mix. Not only does it provide good nitrogen, but other minerals as well
  4. I'd do that on an indoor soil grow but I'm not inviting anything to dig my babies up.
  5. Not to mention I'm not catching 100 fish...
  6. The easiest thing to do for soil is to buy quality topsoil from your local garden store or similar store where soil and amendments are available.

    If you can always try to add vermiculite; I try to put atleast a 1/4 of vermiculite per planting hole.

    Water/polymer crystals are also a good additive. They are little crystals that absord water and expands to 5-10x there size. As the soil dries out, the water crystals release the water slowly. Good for dry locations.
  7. :D:DYou don't have to catch them, take a 5gal bucket to the fish market and they'll give you all the fish/gut's you can haul off. And don't just mix them with the dirt, put them at the bottom of the hole and fill with dirt, when the plants rootmass finds them you'll know it.

    I hope you've heard the joke:

    And duid, never use fish indoors, blind men will walk by your grow and say "Good Evening Ladies"
  8. No fish market around here...

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