Soil Mix!!!! Can We Make This A Sticky?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BETTERTHANU, May 10, 2006.

  1. Hello All. It Definitely Seems That The More I Read, The More I Get Confused With Soil Mixes. I Have Seen The Following Suggested:

    Ph Neutral Potting Soil
    Sea Kelp
    Espom Salt
    Bat Guano
    Cow Manure
    Bone Meal
    Kelp Meal
    Peat Moss

    And So Many More I Can't Take It. What Is The Basic For A Soil Mix Indoors. What I Mean Is By Percentages Of What You Have Used. Any Recipes You Have With Percentages Should Be Great. Also List How To Up The Ph Of Soil And How To Decrease It. Thanks.


    20% Perlite
    40%bat Guano
    40% Soil

    Please List With Rough Estimates Like This. Very Much Appreciated. Thanks.
  2. 40% bat Guano is way to much in your example.
  3. I dont mix soil I just use premium mixes currently working with FoxFarm but im a try Sunshine#1 next
  4. his was an example :p but yea i would like to know too for future referance... cuz all i been using is shultz potting mix and some organic soil... like a 50/50 mix..
  5. Yes shultz potting mix plus organic soil is fine, if you have access to bat guano use some of that as well but very little, then pick up some turf builder granuals and use a teaspoon of that per 10 inch pot, its very high in N and will make all the difference in the world and is guaranteed not to burn your roots.

    My mixture is :

    Potting Mix, Outdoor soil (for stiffness), Top soil from under fruit tree, TH-1, Bat Guano, Dried Cow Dung and 60-1-1 granuals thats guaranteed not to burn.

    With the above mixture i dont have to add nutes at all during the growth of the plant. For flowering i now use Shultz Bloom Booster Plus 10-52-20, which seems to be working even better than some of the big name expensive BUD BUILDING brands i have tried, including BioBizz's BioBloom, which i have 5 gallons of :)

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