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  1. I currently use Happy Frog soil and I have found that during fowering the soil becomes very hard and compacted what are the best things to mix with it to prevent this from happening?

  2. Get a long screwdriver and turn the soil every once in a while. (being careful of course, just to mix it up and get some air in there)
    Compaction = no oxygen to roots = dead plant.
  3. Add perlite.
  4. I was thinking about adding perlite but i didnt know if there was anything else that could be used
  5. Perlite should already be in there 1/3 of the pot. And the top layers will harden up either way with or without perlite if not turned every once in a while.
  6. Rice hulls (from the beer brewing store), pumice, lava rock, or my personal favorite, buckwheat hulls.

  7. What about vermiculite as well as perlite?
  8. For our purposes in soil mixes these two are opposites.
    vermiculite is like peat it holds lots of water.

    Twas Ever Thus!
  9. just throw some sunshine soilless mix in there... are you feeding them?  I just use a simple 50/50 mix of sunshine #4 and happy frog and if anything i think my mix is too loose.  using that mix and feeding lightly throughout is a real simple and sweetly performing solution.  I agree happy frog is a bit heavy on its own.
  10. The perlite in the bag isn't enough. Add at least 30%.
  11. Could I use coco as an alternative as well?
  12. I think so?  Ill have to defer that to someone else though as ive never tried to mix coco with anything.
  13. Yes but it doesnt work as well as perlite imo. I add roughly 20% perlite to happy frog.
  14. I will have to get some perlite and once im out of happy frog im just gonna start making my own soil

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