soil: is it consensus?

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  1. new to forum and i'm confused about soil.

    i live in a small town. so it's MG potting soil and Stagreen. There is MG organic, as well.

    is it consensus that soil containing nutes will hurt my plants and is not best to begin with? or is it just MG?

    thanks, folks, and peace.
  2. Yup, most soils with nutes in to begin will burn you're plants. Be safe and get nute free!

  3. These days most populated areas have grow shops. Have you looked in your area? Even if you have to drive to the next largest city, getting the correct soil can make a world of difference. I use Metro-Mix and add some extra perlite. Purchased at my local grow shop for very cheap.($20.00 for 15 gallons.) And perfect for all stages of marijuana cultivation. IMO Much Love.
  4. Ocean forest... Go 4 it... love it... grow it...
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    My soil has organic nutes, horse shit, and I mix in garden compost.
  6. thank you, all.

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