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    As a canadian we don't have a lot of options for soil, i live more than 2 hours from the closest hydro store but down the street from a home depot.

    Theres promix there and miracle grow.

    The two promix brands they have are
    Premier promix herb and veg ( 3 months of nutrients )
    And promix potting soil (with 9 Months of nutrients )

    They had 4 of each left and i grabbed th final bags

    Premium potting mixes and fertilizers for your vegetables and herbs | PRO-MIX Gardening

    The two bags are on this website.

    What should i do? Is the soil good for cannabis? I cant find the bx or hp promix.

  2. If that is your only option. Grab some dirt from outside. Put it in a metal pot or pan and place it in the oven. Cook it (pasteurization). Enough for a solo cup. Mix with some perlite. Plant seedling. Do not plant seedling directly in any of those soils. Allow to grow in the solo cups. In the mean time, find better soil without nutrients.

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  3. I use both those exact soils. Its all we have here too. And ive grown some amazing babies in it.

    It wont burn your seedlings as the ratios are very low. They dont last nearly the time it says it does. Also right before flowering i flush to get all the slow release out of the soil.

    I mix them 50 50 and get results like this:

    ( 3 days till harvest reason for discolouration )

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  4. I use promix bx, should be in a black bale at homedepot, but wont be listed online so call and check, or lowes has the same thing in a white bail. also promix hp might be more desirable since it has more perlite and vermiculite.

    it's a peat moss substrate and either needs dolomite lime amended into it or cal mag each watering as it doesn't have much for nutrients, sort of like a soilless medium. perfect for learning to nute for hydroponics.
  5. To my knowledge the promix bails are US only we only have the 28l bags, i was msging @Autoo and we in the same municipality, so we get the same shit

    Ive been using these " slow release" promixes with great results. ( veg herb, and potting mix 50 50 mix ) They dont release enough nutes and they also arent fast acting

    I wish i could get the hp or bx.

    Thankfully promix in general is generous in perlite compared to other brands.

    I find anything promix is pretty alright.

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  6. no way I'm from southern Ontario, both lowes and homedepot carry bails of promix bx the 60lbs 3.8 cu/ft bails.
  7. So youre close to the US, im on kapuscasing Ontario and ive been to every lowes and homedepot in a 100 km radius. No dice here. Im going to toronto in 2 weeks just to grab some HP and BX to try out.

    But the veg and herb and potting mix arent to bad

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  8. Howdy to a fellow Canuck! You should be able to find Gaia green living soil, I loved it when I grew in soil. Maybe Amazon?

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