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  1. i live in canada and have no acces to fox farm what can i use?
  2. That's too general, what can you get where you live?
  3. I live in the provence of quebec, do you know any soil that are similar to fox farms??
  4. As a stone beginner Fox farm is too expensive for me, $25 per 1 1/2 cubic foot. So I'm going with something else organic within the $7-$9 price range. Miracle Gro has an organic potting soil, I might try that.
  5. ok, i heard some were that it has to be a good ratio, like 20:10:10 is this right or i am totally off??
  6. It depends on what state your soil is presently in, what nutrients to use to prepare your soil for planting.

    FWIW, I'm bringing my soil up to snuff for planting a regular veggie garden, hoping it will be a good starting point for raising the herb. I sent a soil sample to the state Agriculture Extension Agency and they gave me the best fertilizer and lime combinations/ratio to do it. [I have sandy soil with lots of pine trees.]
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    Best bet would be a soil-less mix, pro-mix nutes added by the manufacture so I'd throw in 20% worm castings and then start your bottle nutes regiment when they look can be had at most garden stores..'ll need fine dolomite lime too...sphagnum peat moss degrades over time and will screw your PH without the lime present to balance it out...
  8. Premier Tech Horticulture - Growing Media and Sphagnum peat moss producer and distributor

    They are based in Canada, so getting Pro-Mix should be easy.

    Go here and find a store near you:
  9. Sounds like you know what you're talking about. But being a newbie, I didn't know a damn thing you said.:rolleyes: Reckon I best do some research.
  10. Feel free to ask questions and your research need not go further than this thread :smoke:
  11. Happened across this thread and have a question. I'm using FF Light Warrior which has a base of sphagnum peat moss. Should I be adding the dolemite lime to keep the PH balanced? I'm having some issues and i was on the fence between PH and deficiency. Thanks

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